Sunday, 17 February 2008

Today's Outfit - 02/17

The weekend went through very quickly!
I had in mind so many things to do… but I left a few behind.
This weekend should have been at least three days…

black boots - local store
purple pants - mainland store some time ago
black turtleneck - local store
white cardigan - Mango
white belt - C&A
purple and white scarf - from mother
metallic necklace - gift


  1. Wow!! I'm gonna steal that belt from you!! >.<'...I feel great when i see that you like what i share on my blog... Talking about Bunbury...there are a lot of incredible things about him...some say he es crazy, and he is a copy of Morrison, but well...they seem similar but each one has it's charm!!...i'll share more about him!!

  2. Lovely chic look, and I am so loving floppy bows at the moment. You really have put this outfit together beautifully!

  3. Nice outfit, I like the white sweater and belt, very fresh looking. Great combination.

  4. My screen shows what you're wearing as black and white only, no purple. Of course, your legend says there is black and white and purple. The nuance of deep shades is lost in the translation. I wish I wasn't missing so much! You look great!

  5. I love the bow at the front of your shirt, it gives i a nice punch!

  6. Belts are your other fashion weapon. You really know how to do a belt!! Well done!

  7. Lovely clean and feminine look!
    By the way, I just wrote about skincare staples. Will you share with us what the number one item that you cannot live without is? Please feel free to leave a comment under my recent post.

    Thanks and kisses,

  8. I love those cute bows around your neck you sometimes wear. This look is awesome, now I want purple pants, too.

  9. I love the white detail. Purple and white sound good :)

    I think my post was confusing. Iam happy because I'm meeting new people- you know, I broke up with my boyfriend after a long relation and I didn't know what was going to happy. the answer is that life continous. Finally I'm aware that life does continuos.


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