Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Today's Outfit - 02/19

I’m beginning to miss the warm days of spring, when I can wear shoes, blouses with no sweaters or cardigans and no turtlenecks…
I wore my dress with its ¾ sleeves and I felt cold.

I must believe that in no time spring will be here.

black shoes - local store
blue tights - Calzedonia
gray dress with black thin belt - local store
red scarf - gift


  1. Nice bold colours, love the red and blue together separated by the grey. Fabulous blue tights!

  2. Confesso que, no que diz respeito ao clima, sou uma felizarda: calor e mais calor = pouca roupa!;-)

    Beijinhos amiga.

  3. You look great! That dress is so cute!
    I feel just the same about spring! I need spring really soon, because I can't stand the cold of winter!

  4. i love cold weather!!...i think it's easier to take away cold...but well...some say i'm crazy...by the way, i love your dress!!


  5. Sure!! "Todos tenemos algo de locos, poetas y tontos"...but i guess i changed my part of poetry for more "crazy stuff"...jajajaja

  6. Spring will be here soon! I love the contrast in this outfit.

  7. That dress looks great on you, and I love the effect of the blue tights even more. I haven't had the guts to do colored tights, but I am so inspired by you!

  8. those blue tights look awesome with your dress :)

  9. Like the ruffle detail on the gray dress, very pretty. You look fab as always!!

  10. I love your dress, you look really good :)

  11. im loving that, love the blue tight and the dress combo, i love the way u play with coloures, ure fab


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