Friday, 22 February 2008

Today's Outfit - 02/22

A tough day today…
I had to work at 8 pm to leave some stuff done, because next week I’m going to a computing instruction. Well, I’m tired, but I still have lots to do at home.

Today was also “the health care day”, in the morning I went to the dentist and at the afternoon to another doctor. It seems that I’m in a good physical condition; I just have less money in my wallet, since I had to pay both because it was at a privet clinic.

Our health system is not too bad, but it’s to slow, so if we want or need a medical consultation usually we have to appeal to the privet with all the cost.

I took some inspiration on the masculine look that Christian Dior showed for next season. It was a change on the everyday glance.

green and black handbag - local store
black to gray shoes - local store
black suit - Ana Sousa
white shirt - local store
green vest - Ver Moda
black tie - made from a satin band


  1. This is another real cute...I love it with the suit jacket, I love the vest with the cute tie :) Maybe you could post your christian dior inspiration? glad that your all well lol :)

  2. That is really different and I love the splashes of green here and there!

    Nicely done again seeker :)

    Take care and rest up this weekend,

  3. Nice...the without-a-jacket look is sex-ay!

  4. This is a winner! Great translation of the Christian Dior masculine look. That green argyle sweater cinches the outfit to perfection.


  5. I like the masculine influence a lot, and that handbag is so amazing!

  6. This is a v.good look. Once again, what I'm coming to expect from you, great colours, theblack and rich forest green together - lovely! And I love the handbag too. And argyle, I'm loving argyle right now - did you see the argyle in the D&G collection? Btw we also have to pay for private healthcare in SA which is soooo expensive, you have to have good medical insurance, which also doesn't come cheap but you can't afford private care without it, the public health system here is beyond bad.

  7. Your vest is a real eyecatcher and I love the bag.

  8. i´m in love of your bag.

    So cute :D and matching with your preppy green vest looks even better.

  9. I really love this look, I have similar outfits myself! Theres something about a woman in a tie and trousers thats "sexy" rather than Masculine dont u think???
    Also i'd like to add it really suits you!! and I like that u went with a green vest instead of a safe black or gray one!

  10. Woooooooooooooooow!!!....what can I look really great!! I remember the bag!! jajaja!! the suit and the vest!!

  11. You look really good. I think it was a good change.

    I hope you managed to rest this weekend. I've notice that I tell you this every weekend. Do you manage to rest? Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.

  12. wow, i love that, love the green jumper thing,witht he tie and the shirt mixed, very sophisticated

    dang girl

  13. I wrote a comment for this two days ago, and must have gotten the word-verification wrong, so you probably think I missed it.

    You look fabulous here, that sweater (which I think I've never seen) is really nice. The tie is a great touch.


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