Saturday, 23 February 2008

Today's Outfit - 02/23

Today I went to the supermarket. As I was putting the goods in my basket I was looking around, seeing people that surrounds me.
A young girl called my attention.
She was wearing a down waist jeans and an up top.
Her flesh tyre was bumping out from her jeans and all I can thought was of the Michelin guy.
What can I say about that…?
I think one has to have some good sense to know that sometimes what one is wearing doesn’t look well.
You can say that I’m talking like an old lady. I don’t care; I think this has nothing to do with age.
It’s all about aesthetics.

black boots - local store
black leggings - United Colours of Benneton
black turtleneck - local store
graphic printed tunic – SMF (gift from hubby)
gray cardigan – Vero Moda
Mother-of-pearl necklace - gift from hubby


  1. I like the tunic, looks so "a go go" age!! jejeje

  2. Eso mero! es cuestión de estética y sentido común.

    I like your tunic and the use of gray. I've discovered that gray is a versatil color... I'll use it more :)

  3. You're right about asthetics. I often see such girls in Germany... I hope they learn a little bit more about style, when they grew older.

  4. I totally agree with you, sometimes you have to wonder why people wear things that look terrible just for the sake of showing off a bit of flesh....and I love ee cummings! I love your tunic - I think I need to hire you as my colour consultant :) Oh, and thanks so much for the links!!! Great stuff.

  5. love the graphic tunic, very trendy for this year!

    have fun!

  6. oh there were a few girls like that when I was in college they always had their shirts up high with their stuff hanging out everywhere gross.

  7. loving this outfit the nmost, loving the dress and leggings combo


  8. I can only hope that the girl wearing that was happy with her self-image. I think we lose touch with what works sometimes, if there's no one to tell us. That tunic is fantastic; I think this is the first time I've seen it. You did a nice job with the colors!

  9. Very sexy and sophisticated.

    About the girl in the supermarket, what we wear sends a message to the world. Problems arise when the message we think we're sending is not the overwhelming message being received. Too often, sexy is confused with skimpy/trashy/bare. And, we know that sexy does not equal skimpy.


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