Sunday, 24 February 2008

Today's Outfit - 02/24

We went on a car trip with mother through the island.
It was nice, she was in a good mood, and I felt tranquiller.

So are you ready to see the Oscars?
Because of the time zone I live I think I’ll be asleep.
Tomorrow I’ll know the winners.

bordeaux boots - mainland store
brown tights - local store
green skirt - Vero Moda
green turtleneck - Zara
brown vest - La Redoute
brown blazer - don't remember
scarf - from mother


  1. Hi!!'re right, because of the Ibericos we are Latinos..., emm...Oscar's, i wont see the show, emm... I saw your skirt and i remembered that here, today is Flag's day...because of the green!! jejeje... So...a trip through the island, you should take pictures of your island and show it!...i'm so curious about it!


  2. I'm glad you had a good time wit your mother. I agree with Dramandarina, I want pictures from your island :)

  3. The scarf is so perfect with the green skirt.

  4. loving the green skirt and the scarfs very classy, yh im looking forward to the oscars, hopefully i shud have a post up about it

  5. You're wearing my favorite skirt again. I'm glad you had a nice drive with your mother. It sounds like it was a good day.

  6. another cute outfit!
    Im watching the Oscars right now... i taped it, it was on at 1am last night lol... just wondered... what is your native language?x

  7. Gosto particularmente do lenço.



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