Thursday, 28 February 2008

Today's Outfit - 02/28

My blogging friend DraMandarina posted some Dove’s ads which I think are very cute, because they used some “women” from cartoons. You can check it here.

Today someone told me that I was over wearing belts. Do you agree?
I don’t. I like belts over cardigans, and since it’s in… but I also think it already makes part of my style.

I want to thank you all for the support about my tired condition.
I hope I should be able to rest and seek some peace at the weekend. Let’s see.

black shoes - local store
gray tights - local store
black skirt - local store
dark gray turtleneck - Zara
blue cardigan - SMF
purple belt - local store
purple and white scarf -from mother


  1. From what I've seen, belts are such a signature piece to your style. Not only are they chic, but they serve the purpose of flattering and accentuating the silhouette of your body.

    You have an amazing talent of coordination--pieces and colors. I love the effect of mixing that shade of blue with purple!

  2. I love Dove's idea!, it's pretty cool.

    Don't worry about what that person said about you 'over wearing' belts, belts look great over cardigans ;)

  3. Don't worry, as you said (and I believe) belts are part of your style and they fit you good. I defentely love the color of your cardigan and the contrast with the purple belt. I love the skirt too. I want to start wearing skirts but I don't have many and the weather is still chilly.

    I hope you manage to do something relaxing during the weekend or at least to be able to stop thinking in what worries you. Take care darling :)

  4. I've just read that you haven't seen Amelie, so please as your homework for you to relax, try to rent it this weekend. I totally recomend it.

  5. You must have tons of cute cardigans in all colors! I love that.

  6. hey, I like your belt! nice blog, hope you know mine... XX

  7. I thinks the belts are a great look for you, they suit you very well and always look elegant and stylish. I love that shade of blue. Have a fab weekend, I hope it's nice and peaceful:)

  8. I agree with the girls above that belts are a good/signature look for you, so may I make a suggestion? Perhaps you could take what that person said about you "over-wearing" belts with a grain of salt. Make sure you value that person's opinion before you alter your style because of it.

    Your belt affinity makes this outfit work perfectly; light purple with light blue are great together. The belt adds a nice burst of color.

  9. hey beautiful!
    thanks for comments on my blog!
    I put a link to yours on the side of my blog, I hope you don't mind!
    if you wanna do the same.. just do it!
    have a nice day!


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