Sunday, 3 February 2008

Today's Outfit - 03/02

Today it wasn’t raining, so I felt that I could use some shoes. Now I’m starting to be a huge fan of shoes.
These shoes have a story. I bought them for a weeding of someone of my hubby’s family. I bought them at a mainland store with the matching little clutch, at that time they were expensive and when I got home I kept them in a closet reserved for a special occasion.
Time went by… The other day I was whining that I needed some colour shoes, when my hubby asked me about these… that’s when I remembered and decided to use them.
They aren’t well shown at this picture, and maybe if the tights were darker they will pop… but I’ll try it latter.
I made a bow with the scarf, that’s why the metallic necklace doesn’t appear clearly.

It’s Carnival, here at this Island there’s a very peculiar way of celebrate it. Maybe I’ll do a post about it.

Now, have fun, if you can…

blue shoes - mainland store
purple tights - Calzedonia
navy interlock skirt - from the 80's (was mother's)
navy turtleneck - local store
blue cardigan - SMF
purple belt - local store
purple and white scarf - from mother
metallic necklace - gift


  1. the purple tights pops the whole outfit! and your scarf is so so so lovely!!

  2. I love your shoes!!!... and yeap...i'm so busy!!, i need to find a dress to use it on saturday!!...i have a black dress, if i can't find a good one i'll have to use the one i have...jejeje

  3. I love how you have tights of almost every colour :), it's lovely.

  4. Your not spiritual, or even close to it, you are just sick. Just saying.

  5. Can't believe bbc is commenting again. Ley's just ignore him.
    I'm starting to love shoes too. They make such a big difference. Please, tell us about the carnival...Sometimes I spend my time trying to guess where you live.
    I love your tights and your shoes...nice colors

  6. I never thought that purple goes so well with blue! You look amazing!

  7. Came here from Julie's blog. Carnival sounds great - and it's great to know that your mother's fashion items still look so good.

  8. That really looks fantastic, I love the colours and how you've layered the belt over the jersey.


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