Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Today's Outift - 02/13

I did it!!
Today I took my guts and I did it. Yes I wore the red & green combo.
I know, I know… the green isn’t too bright… but it’s green, and I think it worked because of that.

I’ve been reading some articles about Colour Therapy (which I’m thinking in writing about) and one thing I found interestingly was that when traffic lights were first introduced people had great difficulty stopping for the red light because on a psychological level red means GO and green means STOP.

So when colors are combined each influence reflects off the other. Wearing green with red puts a different slant on the meanings. As green means stop and red means go, these colors together can signify a difficult decision, usually involving staying or leaving a situation. Wearing these colors can aid in the decision making process through the vibratory influence of each color.

red shoes - local store
gray tights - local store
black skirt - local store
green turtleneck - Zara
red cardigan - Mango
black belt - Mango
metallic necklace - gift


  1. You did it, and you ROCK. So cool!

  2. Wow. I am completely fascinated by the intersection of color therapy and fashion. You raise an interesting point about the union of colors (and the meanings they carry)within an outfit. I am definitely going to spend some time thinking about why certain combinations work. Great post.

    The visual aesthetic of the red and green is totally working too!

  3. You look really good, my dear. I love your black skirt. Colours are so interesting, I'd like to read something about them...well there are a lot of things I'dlike to read about. I admire your braveness (?) :)

  4. I love the way you wear belted cardigans :).

  5. I totally love it! honestly! looks great

  6. Viste como ficou bem...ainda te digo mais se tiveres uma saia na tonalidade da camisola de certeza que também ficará muito bem ;) A propósito adorei a tua saia...
    Beijo e bom fim-de-semana

  7. I love this! Well done my dear !



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