Friday, 15 February 2008

Where spirituality meets fashion

Spirituality is being concerned with things of the spirit—the big questions of meaning, metaphysics, existence. Being spiritual is thinking about, wondering about, and exploring the deepest aspects of reality, values, morals, and meanings.
Spirituality can be all those things, and it is to some people, but not exclusively so.
Spirit is about being filled with life. It's about all the ways that we try to make sense of our living, and our attempts to make good from our lives.
There are other ways to encourage and be a light in the world and that is just living life to the fullest and the motivation to share that.
So, what role does fashion have in spirituality (if any)? In the same vein, what about other supposedly mundane activities like watching sports, or enjoying a nice dinner? Where do those fit on the spectrum of spirituality?
Spirituality is the process of feeling good, and of realizing the divine potential of who you are and what you want to be. Spirituality should make you feel good. Fashion is more than just clothes, and can have the same role
The body is our first home and it's ok if we want to adorn it. No need to feel guilty about it. There is no rule which says that one can't be fashionable and spiritual at the same time.
Fashion can, and is, shallow for a lot of people. But in its purest form, I’ve found that fashion can also be inspirational. True fashion is simply an expression of identity.
Creative expression is even fashion can be a way to know your divinity.
And that can definitely bring you a little closer to the Universe.



  1. Fashion is open to interpretation: spiritual, shallow, fun, important, meaningless, etc. I like your take on the subject, and I agree that what we put on may, in fact, equal what we send out to the world.

  2. i love what you say. I´ll add a phrase of this post in my blog, ok!? :D

  3. What a marvelous post! It had me thinking for a few days on this issue. Like Enc said above, fashion is open to interpretation. And, so is spirituality. Connections can be made between spirituality and well-being, and I totally agree with you that similar connections can be made between fashion and well being.

    Like you said, fashion is more than material clothing. I believe clothes are ideas. Hence, fashion is also intellectual.


  4. I really love this! I've been promoting the blend of Spirituality and Fashion for a long time, and I find it to be an area that is ripe for growth, the two world's have often shied away from each other.

    Thanks so much for sharing this! Rock on.

  5. Its a great post indeed.

    I would like to republish it on my blog but before this I want your permission.

    Dr. Diana


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