Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The working week evolution

Today I was doing some housecleaning and thinking.
I don’t like doing housecleaning, but it’s a must. A not clean environment or unordered it’s hard to be, because it feeds negative energies. And believe it or not I can feel it.
Well, but it wasn’t about that I was thinking meanwhile my housecleaning.
My thoughts flew through something I called the working week evolution.

In the start of the working week, the unknown in one is still a junior, the feeling of significance is still under construction, and one listens more.
Mondays are the most truthful days. So on Mondays, one is still aware of how to put ones sentinel up.
On Tuesdays, one is starting to get assertive.
Wednesdays - one loses its sense of consideration, feel and accuracy.
On Thursdays, one acts ostentatiously or pretentiously.
On Fridays, one is recuperating from the loss of bodily sensation with or without loss of consciousness.
Then come up the weekends and one spends them trying to manage with the discomfort of being one selves, counting calories, funds, odds, and blood cells.


  1. When I worked in an office, this kind of stuff affected me. In fact, it gave me reference for what day it was. Now I have to check the calendar, because I miss out on so much of this surging and swirling of energies.

  2. Interesting...I'll pay more attention and see if it works to me in the same way.


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