Sunday, 30 March 2008


Óbidos is one of the jewels of the Portugal’s crown, not only by the vast natural and the built heritage that has, but also by the large existing cultural dynamism. For all this, Óbidos and its Castle are one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal!
In the houses painted white with blue or yellow, are clearly medieval traits, such as doors and widows, and every step arise picturesque spots of old flavour. Everywhere, churches, extremely tough facades, “Manueline” windows and traces historical and monumental are complemented by polychromatic flowers and creepers that give life to this Earth of Kings.
With a traditional drink called "Ginjinha de Óbidos", a sort of Cherri’s Liquor, this liquor has a strong flavour, intensely perfumed with the bittersweet of sour cherries.
From dark red colour, the liquor has two distinct varieties: the liquor simple and liquor with fruit inside sometimes flavoured with vanilla or a stick of cinnamon.
This liquor can be drink in a chocolate cup.
From painting to architecture, food crafts, through the beautiful landscapes, the conquest stories, through love and unloved by kings and queens and mystery of a past, Óbidos is a place of mandatory passage.

"Ginginha de Óbidos"
in a chocolate cup

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Do you remember sister?


  1. Óbidos é lindo, e a ginginha é óptima - com chocolate então...

    Beijinhos amiga, e parabéns pelo convite para desfilar!

  2. those are beautiful pictures! and thank you for commenting on my blog!

  3. Woooow!! I'll have to add those places to my 'travel list'...i love the pictures!!...It seems to be a fresh appear wearing black outfit!!...are you ok??... I hope you feel great!!...

  4. Beautiful. I liked your description of the drink. I could almost taste it.

  5. Yes!! they did it!! but... 'I'll be back!!' jajaja...i'm gonna buy it this week, then i'll show you my doll!!...

    Have a nice day!!


  6. I miss you too.

    The place is good that you had the chance to go.

    Take care and enjoy.

  7. it's beautiful and the liquor looks delicious!


  8. I love Ginginha! Your photo's look great. I must take a trip there.

  9. Oh what fabulous photos!It seems as if you had an enjoyable time!Kisses

  10. I love all the houses I wish I could see them for myself. Oh how I wish I was walking around the streets of europe right now!!

    Thank you for sharing all of this ♥

  11. It looks fantastic. It seems like most of the buildings have low roofs, or maybe you are just really tall. Great pictures!

  12. I am a bag fan of Port. The Portuguese really know how to do liqueur.

  13. Hope you had one drink for me!
    Great pictures!

  14. Seems like a lovely place to do some tourism :)

    Nice pictures!

  15. thank you for sharing all these beautiful pictures!^^
    I always eat/drink national foods/liquids, it's always exciting to try something new!

  16. It looks so amazing, full of history and lots of stories. Thank you so much for sharing them, I have so enjoyed travelling along through Portugal with you!


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