Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter Day

Easter Day was calm and to rest.
We had a lazing morning (how I love lazing mornings) and we lunched lately.
I ate a desert… What could it be???
Off course… a chocolate cake slice. It was good… but after that I had to struggle with my guilt.

After lunch we went for a car expedition trough some places seeing the landscape and some sights. The weather is so cold!!! However sunny.

Peniche recreation port

Peniche XVII century fortress (at night)

Nau dos Corvos
(Ship of crows, because it has the shape of a front part of a vessel and because there are many black sea birds, called sea crows, on it)

Cape Carvoeiro Light House

Peniche recreation port and yacht marina

An interesting place in Peniche


Óbidos's Lagoon

Another view of Óbidos's Lagoon

Cape Carvoeiro South Side

Óbidos is a medieval village well preserved inside of a castle walls.
We are thinking of visit it during next week, and I’ll take some pictures, because I think it’s a great place where we can feel History.


  1. Pelo que vejo, estás a passar uns dias fantásticos! Aproveita!

    Estive nesses locais no Verão passado e gostei imenso, pois ainda não conhecia!

    Beijinhos e continua a aproveitar!

  2. It's all lovely. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Nice pictures :)... seems like you've enjoyed your trip.

  4. It's absolutely gorgeous there! Glad to hear you're enjoying yourself :)

    happy easter,

  5. Chocolate cake and all that beauty. What a perfect day.

  6. Such beautiful pictures, it really looks incredible! I'm glad you're having a great time and also had the chance to go shopping. That mall looks amazing too, so many great stores which we don't have in South Africa like Zara and H&M, I don't think we have Mango either.

  7. You shouldn't feel guilty if you enjoyed the cake!! Everyone's allowed a treat :) Happy Easter!

    And I can't wait to see what's in the shopping bags...

  8. What gorgeous photos! I hope you're having lots of fun and enjoying your shopping & sightseeing!

  9. OMG. Absolutely magnificent!!

  10. Happy Easter love!
    I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing one!
    These are some gorgeous photos! You live in paradise!



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