Sunday, 23 March 2008

first there was a shopping center…

We went to Colombo’s Shopping Center.
I started to see the windows and the prices of the stuff I was interesting on, to know just what I could count.
I have a limited budget, so the more expensive things would be the less number of pieces I could buy.
I saw some nice brands, but too expensive. When I was searching for shoes, I saw a red and blue Dolce & Gabana’s shoes for 338 euros. OMG they were lovely, OMG they are so out of my budget!!!
So, “The Devil Wears Prada”, but who said he can’t wear H&M, Zara, Mango, Cortefiel and so on….???
It’s all about how one wears things, not what was their price tag.

I’m having troubles to find some shoes (in the limits of my budget) that I like. When I ask for them people say it’s earlier and that they’re just receiving the first pieces of the new season… Dam!! I wasn’t expecting for that.

I asked my husband to take some pictures while we were at the Shopping. The first picture he was taking the security guard came to say that people aren’t allowed to take pictures in doors.
Oh, we had so much fun as we tried to take some without being seen…

the shopping entrance with the security guard addressing my hubby

a shopping overview



MISAKO store

ZARA store

MANGO store

At the end we arrived “home” with some bags as you can see by the picture.
What will they contain?


  1. Thats a beautiful mall. I wish we had a mango and H&M in my city. Looks like there was some good shopping going on

  2. I hope you'll show us what's in those bags! I really liked this post with all the photos. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Oh what a great shopping centre!

  4. oh fun! I like berschka because there's so much colors always in there :)


  5. OH!!! secret photography is the most fun!!! Once my friend and I went to Bloomingdales, each took 4 expensive dresses to the dressroom, tried them one and took pictures, it was the most fun because we knew we werent supposed to be doing this and could get caught and kicked out! ha! of course we couldnt afford any of those dresses!!!
    Looks like you had a good time and from the bags also a successful time! You seem like someone who'd be really fun to go shopping with :]

  6. ok ok. I see bags! I cannot wait to see the new looks you create.


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