Sunday, 30 March 2008

going to the movies...

We went to the cinema to see "The Bucket List", with two Oscar-winning actors with gifts for comedy and drama.

For those whose cinematic tastes require character development, authenticity humanity and believability "The Bucket List" didn’t hit the mark. The saddest thing about "The Bucket List" is its wasted potential.

However is a touching drama that will leave you with the most important realization in life, never forget to value the things that truly matter to you.
Find your joy and give joy to those around you.
We should learn to appreciate the good things and let go of those that hurt and anger us.


  1. i havent seen this one yet, but its on my list

    now u have given it the okay, igotta see it nxt weekend

    girl, i have missed u

  2. I'm waiting for that movie!!...since i knew they made it i've been waiting!!... I love Jack Nicholson!! I think he is such a great actor!...

  3. I missed this one. I can wait until it appears on cable, I guess. Thanks for letting us know what you thought.

  4. i've just seen this one as well and agree with you that it's wasted potential.

  5. I've seen it and I really love it.

  6. we were just talking about this movie at work today!

  7. I think I should make a list and go for it myself! It made me think twice about life...


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