Sunday, 2 March 2008

how many animals is fur worth?

I’ve read some articles of Paris Fashion Week Fall 2008. Two things called my attention and made me to think and to wish to put my voice heard.

Bodies being formed to fit clothes, rather than clothes designed to fit bodies and animal fur.

Jean-Paul Gaultier assured his continued reign as fashion's enfant terrible by creating a PETA nightmare of fur.
Fashion's most famous bony models walked the runway draped in fur that was designed to shock.
“With Catherine Deneuve looking shocked in the front row………. he gave us visceral fur: a fox coat with two fox heads swinging back and forth on the model’s back — noses, eyes, teeth and all.
A crocodile coat with the big lizard’s skinned tail trailing down to the floor. Animal heads, legs, tails and feet and claws rode the models’ heads or swung from their shoulders all the way down the runway.” from Wall Street Journal.
The show ended with wild laughter over the sound system -- the huge wicked laugh of a madman.

Whatever was his motivation for sending animal heads down the runway, the agreement seems like to be that Gaultier went too far this time.
If you would like to see a photo slide show, you can see it here.

If “faux” furs are now at the point where they look identical to real furs (setting aside any differences in “feel” and warmth) why not wearing them?

The truth is that fur, like meat, leather, eggs or dairy produce, is something supplied by animals that have no say in the issue. Earnings are the base line for the producers. Animals sorted for economic causes are hardly ever treated with enough respect, even in countries where animal wellbeing system is believed to defend them: governments concern more on the higher print of business.
How then can we believe that fur imported from countries with poor Human rights is coming from decently treated animals? We can’t.
Fur farms in unregulated countries are hell on earth. This is certainty; we shouldn’t be constrained by the splendour of the simple acquisition or the fascination of a fashion show. Souls suffer so that we (at our many steps disconnected from the wicked truth) can enjoy somewhat attractive, appetizing or opportune in our ivory castles.

Cruelty by Design
A Graphic Look at the Fur Trade

A video from


  1. SHOCKING! After viewing the images from his show, it appears to me that Gaultier is saying, "screw you, PETA!" I do share your opposition to fur.

    I sometimes feel like a bit of a hypocrite though; despite being a vegetarian, I have a thing for leather handbags. Am I that different from Gaultier who clearly likes fur? The answer to that question disturbs me.

  2. I like the look of furs but I prefer synthetics. They make nice synthetic furs these days...

    Good that you brought this topic up.


  3. No hagas lo que no quieres que te hagan. Si tratan asì a los animales còmo tienen la cara para quejarse de la esclavitud y cosas similares. It's horrible!!

  4. Ahh, no offence (none to you anyway) but that heap of animal fur on that woman is disgusting (in my opinion). I'm strongly against using fur (or any other product taken from animals) in the fashio industry and also animal experiments.

    I spent half a year back in my first year at university with conducting a research on animal experiments (and how much Hungarian people know about them) and then writing an empirical research paper on my findings. That meant I had to gather as much info on these experiments as possible and by the end of it I was positively sick. (And so were my peers after my presentation, which was my goal actually...)

    I honestly believe there are humane alternatives to them and I also think that there are hundrends of other materials to work with in the fashion industry. I'd rather watch dresses made of plastic pipes and newspaper than fur coats and leather pants.


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