Sunday, 16 March 2008

inspiration can come from...

As we all know Spring/Summer 2008 will be full of colour.
And one of the most common problems people have when dealing with their wardrobe lies in knowing what colours go together.
Colours have natural associations that either strengthen or soften them.
As I’ve already said here, it’s easy to fall into a mediocre result because there’s a thin line between the wonderful and the vulgar.
As you also know I’m in a colourfully period. So I started to think where I could absorb some inspirations that combining and matching colours into pleasing pairings becomes easy. Well, maybe not "easy" but much less mysterious.
I looked around me and I saw the Nature.

How well it combines colours….


  1. I love the bright pink flower, I feel inspired just looking at it!

  2. Nature is really so beautiful. I imagine the colors in the amazon are even more intense. Have you been there before?


  3. How beautiful. Nature's color combinations are so inspiring!

  4. Amazing! Nature's color is truly inspiring.


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