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International Women’s Day

The International Women’s Day COLOURS
Purple, green and white are the official international women's colours.
The colours originated from the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU), in the UK in 1908. The colours were said to represent:
- white for purity in public as well as private life- purple for justice, dignity, self-reverence and self-respect (and representing the women's vote)
- green for hope and new life.
The colours unified the women's movement and emphasised the femininity of the suffragettes. The tricolour of the WSPU soon became a visual cue for the women's movement in other countries. Purple, green and white were worn on International Women's Day and were used for other women's movement banners and posters.
More recently, two changes have occurred:
- the use of the colour white has more recently been rejected as 'purity' is a controversial issue and attitudes towards the role of 'purity' from women differ greatly
- the introduction of the colour gold representing 'a new dawn' has been commonly used to represent the second wave of feminism.

Pink is not a colour representing Women's Advancement

The use of pink for girls and blue for boys represents the unfortunate gender socialisation and female oppression that occurs at a very early age. Thus many feminists historically decried the use of pink to represent females.
Of course there is nothing wrong with the colour pink - it's just that when it is used to positively represent women it in fact does quite the opposite.
Purple is the correct colour to be used if representing women's advancement. Purple with green represents traditional feminism, purple with gold represents progressive contemporary feminism.
The good thing abut women's progress means that you can of course use any colour to represent your female focus ... brown anyone?

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  1. The use of color representation can be too vague to understand at times. As with anything, trying to categorize anything can at times have the opposite effect.

    It is wonderful how you always bring out attention to interesting causes.

    I slept through the whole weekend and am still feeling tired for some reason. I really cannot wait until the arrival of spring!



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