Saturday, 29 March 2008


DLD – Daniela Lopes Design is a local islander fashion designer who is building her career.
In a beneficent event Daniela Lopes is going to present her collection and pieces she had designed.
Among them is my wedding dress. Therefore she invited me to participate in the runway.
I’m feeling so flattered about this, yet so frighten.
However I don’t know if I can go, because since I’ve lost some weight I don’t know how the dress is fitting me, and we don’t know if there’s time to make some arrangements.
This event will take place on April 5.

(I only will come home on April 2, at night)


  1. I hope you will try! See how the dress fits and maybe it will work!

  2. that's amazing, don't say no to this opportunity I'm sure she can fix the dress.
    If you do end up on the runway don't forget to show us lots and lots of pictures!!

  3. I say you should take your chances...people don't receive that kind of invitation everyday.
    I hope you're enjoyig. And you're commenting back, i missed u

  4. Wow what an opportunity!! Sounds like it would be great fun!!!

  5. i'm jealous. have fun, rock the runway!

  6. You have to do this! This kind of thing don't come often and I assure you that you'll have a blast doing it (remember I know cause I used to model :)!

    Ooo, a Chanel polish! The new one or one of their classics? Share all the details soon ok?


  7. wow how exciting!
    good luck with it :)
    i hope everything goes to plan
    and id love to see the results!x

  8. I bet the dress will look good on you, don't worry :)

    Btw, those pictures of your holidays are pretty cool, i really enjoyed watching them.

    It's funny, I know a girl called like your designer friend, ha.

  9. About music.

  10. Sounds fun! I bet your dress is gorgeous!

  11. hey lucky girl!
    You did a lot of shopping! and the picures are so beautiful.
    I hope you are having a great time :D



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