Monday, 3 March 2008

Today's outfit - 03/03

Another feminine/masculine look that I’m liking a lot to work.

I have a question for those who are insider the Spring 2008 trends. What would it be the legs wear? Opaque or sheer tights? Bold colours or neutral colours?
And what about tie die tights? And fishnets? How do they fit in?

I would welcome advices to know in what I should invest in my “shopping shower” when I’ll go at mainland.

I would like to say that I really appreciate all the comments that my readers have to leave me. Even if you don’t agree with me or dislike something in my outfits all the comments are insights to improve my thoughts.
However I would like to request that all the insights will be constructive and that behind the anonymity they wouldn’t be offensive.

black ankle boots - local store
Bordeaux suit - mainland store some time ago
gray vest - local store
violet button down blouse - mainland store some time ago
green tie - made from a satin band


  1. I love your blouse. However I don't sympathise with the green tie. It is so good that you're going to the mainland. Can you look for Amalie?

  2. Hey!! i used to have a blouse like that but my sister stole it! =) i like the outfit but the green tie makes some noise! jeje


  3. I love the shine of the violet button down blouse. Loving the colour combinations.

  4. Oh the green tie really sets it off!

  5. I like the green tie, I think it's a bold move.

    As for legwear: I think if you stay away from black fishnets, you will be safe from looking tawdry. Also, it's possible to layer fishnets over other legwear, if you can stand it. From what I see in all the magazines and websites, there is a plethora of legwear out there, and you'll have not trouble finding things you like. Just go for whatever colors you need, I'd say.

    This website:

    may ship to you, not sure. Try it.

  6. I agree with Jill. That lavender top is gorgeous. As far as legwear, I think you can be more bold in spring/summer with the colors you choose.

  7. thanks for linking lady!
    and thanks for your comment on drawn together, funny aren't they?

    hugs and see you soon :o)

  8. A gravata é muito interessante!

    Beijinhos de boa semana para ti.

  9. I still don't understand why anyone would leave negative/non-constructive comments. Oh well, maybe it's just me but that's just not how you treat people.

    In terms of tights, the trends are calling for bright solid colors because of the wave of graphics, prints and flowers coming at us!

    you must be getting excited about going shopping in lisbon!

    I'm sure you'll have a great time,

  10. I love the green tie with this outfit! The violet blouse is really cute!

  11. Yeah, I found lots of great stuff to visit and shops enough to shop myself poor :)
    Where are you going to?

  12. Have a great time in Lisbon! I've been there last year and shopping there is really great!

  13. oooh I am loving bordeaux as an alternative to the usual black, brown, or grey suits!

    As far as tights, I always defer to your wisdom ;)

  14. I like the purple suit. The green satin tie is cool and very unexpected!! Great job!

  15. I love the whole thing! I think the color combination is excellent: bordeaux goes so well with gray and violet and that little bit of green adds a little more excitement to it all.

    Actually, that suit (especially its color) caught my eyes immediately: it's gorgeous and I'd love to find one sometime so I'll keep my eyes open in the clothes shops.


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