Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Today's Outfit - 03/05

I know I’m subject to the people’s critics that see and read my blog, some will be good some will be bad.
As I said in one of my previous posts, I accept all the critics. They are important for our evolution.
We can’t walk the path with our eyes and ears closed.
If someone tells me “I don’t like the colours”, “I think the better colour for you is this or that”, “I think it’s better for you not to wear that or this piece of cloth, because…”, I pay attention and try to think of those ideas.
But comments like “Your outfit is hideous”, “Your outfit is horrible”, don’t have the intention to help anyone.
I could wrongly say that people that make such critics are coward, however when a person fights back those things it makes us stronger.
So continue your comments, but honest ones, so I can learn with you.
Thank you.

The pants I wore today are black with thin brown stripes, but unfortunately the picture doesn’t show it.

black boots - local store
black with thin brown stripes pants - local store
brown turtleneck - La Redoute
green cardigan - don't remember
brown belt - C&A
orange necklace - gift


  1. The orange necklace with the green cardi is really nice. I like the belted look on you!

  2. I see the brown stripes!!... i like the way green and orange match!! althoug you wear bright colors, the outfit looks so formal!!

  3. you look amazing!
    I love your last outfits... you´re effortless elegant! and you always bring the outfit up with wild colors!

    don´t pay attention, like you said to me, head up and confidence...


  4. Such a great work with colors - again! I love the necklace with the bright green cardigan.

  5. Again another lovely outfit! I love the brown, green and orange together!

    About the comments: I know it's not fun to recieve comments like that, but don't pay attention to that. It's pretty pathetic to say stuff like that and saying them anonymous shows even more how stupid that is!

    Sweety, keep up the good work! You're doing a great job!!

  6. Wow, that green is beautiful and the orange detail is really cute.
    As you say I don't see the point of saying just bad things- the critics should help us to improve.

  7. Cool. The orange necklace so seals the deal in this look. Green cardigan + orange necklace = fantastic! And then, all of that tops a stiped pants...lovely look.

  8. loving that orange, realli stands out, brings the whole outfit out

  9. Girl, you know how to work those colors!! I never would have thought to put grey and green together but its a nice palette for a outfit, I gotta steal this color scheme from you ;-)


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