Thursday, 6 March 2008

Today's Outfit - 03/06

The big opening of Mango’s store here will be tomorrow!!!
Wow, great!!!
Well I would take a look, to see the news, the trends, the prices…
But I’ll not buy a thing.
I’m going to mainland in almost a week, so I’ll wait until then, because there I’ll have many Mango’s and others stores like Zara, H&M, Stradivarius, Promod, Pull & Bear, Salsa, Massimo Dutti….
I will have a better offer of clothes to choose.
But it’s a great thing, because many people don’t have the opportunity I have now, and even me I don’t have it all the time. So when I would need something…
I think it’s to commemorate earlier The Woman Day which is March 8.

My working week has been stressed with meetings, preparing projects, doing some training to other workers and being part of a jury to uphold some workers.
Thanks God some things will end tomorrow.

bordeaux boots - mainland store
purple tights - Calzedonia
green printed skirt - Vero Moda
purple turtleneck - Zara
green scarf - Parfois


  1. Busy busy. I feel you on that one! Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.

    I love the purple and green. That is a fabulous skirt.

  2. A hippie outfit today, love the boots!
    Have fun shopping, I wish hey would open a mango in my city!

  3. I love pull & bear. I discovered the store a year ago and I love it. Your skirt is beautiful. Also I like the boots and the scarf.

    It's a shame to hear that you're still stressed, I hope that your trip might help you to relax. I need a trip too, I have so much homework to do that I can't believe it.

    Enjoy :)

  4. I think this is my favorite outfit on you. The colors are perfect!

    I'm very excited for you about your trip to the mainland. I hope you'll tell us all about it, and show what you bought!

  5. Bem amiga, até eu fiquei contente com a notícia da Mango! Excelente mesmo, apesar de só ir aí nas férias, sei o que isso vai revolucionar a economia local e os guarda-roupas femininos!

    Também vou para o "Continente" para a semana, e, tal como tu, também estou com vontade de fazer umas comprinhas!


  6. I really love the combination of green with purple! You look awesome and the print on the skirt is gorgeous.

  7. Olá :)

    descobri o teu blog através de um comentário que fizeste noutro blog e resolvi espreitar!

    espero que te divirtas por aqui pelo continente e faças muitas comprinhas!

  8. Nice outfit, that skirt is lovely!

    Oh Mango is great! Have fun 'shopping'!

  9. Oh I hear ya! I'm sooo ready for the weekend, yeah! I'm getting excited for you for your holidays!

    looking good :)


  10. Hi!!... loved your scarf and the skirt!!...that kind of purple looks great with the green!... u seem to be cold!...

  11. Great combination of items and colors, and is that "my" favourite scarf there? :-) The skirt is simply gorgeus!

    Lots of love,


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