Friday, 7 March 2008

Today's outfit - 03/07

The Mango’s shop opening wasn’t that great. Or I had my expectation to high.
I had no much time to go there, but I went on lunch time. There were many people, but I was a bit disappointed with the clothes. I was expecting some stylish ones but I thought they were a bit “normal”. Maybe the franchiser didn’t want to take risks for now. Let’s wait and see. Or maybe it’s because I’ve other goals.

About my trip to mainland, well I can’t go on the previous date, unfortunately my husband can’t take days off from work in the first week, but it’s just a delay of four days. So instead March 17 to March 30, we’ll go March 21 to April 2, well if anything changes until there.

I’m going to take my laptop with me, so whenever I’ll have some time I’ll check my usually stops and I’ll try to make some posts. And I’ll show you my pictures even if it only be when I’ll get back.

The weather is getting a bit warmer, maybe I’ll start to stop wearing my turtlenecks.
I’m dieing to start wearing some lighter clothes.

red shoes - local store
black pants - local store
red cardigan - Mango
white blouse - local store
yellow thin belt - local store
scarf - Bershka


  1. I don't like yellow...but it fits perfect on the you do it??... If I try this, it shouldn't look good!


  2. I really like the red cardigan.

    The weather here is strange. It's sunny but it rains. I'm dying to wear the few skirts that I have, soon the appropiate weather will come,haha.
    It is such a shame the Mango thing, maybe your expectations were too high.

  3. The red cardi/shoe combo is nice with black and white. I'd never have thought to put a yellow belt together with those colors. How nice!

    I'm sorry to hear that the Mango opening wasn't very exciting. I hope the clothes get better over time.

  4. I adore the combination of red shoes with a red cardigan! Lovely!

  5. Too bad the new clothes are not as cool as you expected them to be, I guess i'll have to wait a little bit more to see the new clothes here, as summer is almost coming to an end, all the stores are on sale at the moment.

  6. I like the red and yellow combination. Very nice.

  7. Wow. I absolutely love what the yellow belt does in this combination.

    Note to self: Get a yellow belt!


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