Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Today's outfit - 03/11

I’ve tried to make my first tribute to the up coming Spring wearing a floral skirt.
Well, it ended in a rainy day…

bordeaux boots - mainland store
gray tights - local store
floral skirt - El Corte Ingles some years ago
green turtleneck - Zara
red cardigan - Mango
metallic necklace - gift


  1. Hey!! today i was wearing my skirt, but the wind started to blow again...so I ended with my pants!! jejeje...today I was so busy so i didn't have time to post...


  2. Awww too bad about the rainy day. I hope spring was honored enough by your cool floral skirt tribute that she [spring] will come soon!

  3. aaw, sorry about the rain =L
    Hopefully you'll be able o wear it again soon :)

    I like your necklace!

  4. Well spring is notorious for rain, so that might be a good thing in a way. I like that you wore green and red, but it doesn't make me think of Christmas at all. I'm always a little wary of red & green combos myself.

  5. HAHA. I was also wearing a skirt and it rained. Not so much but enough to made me feel chilly. I really like the skirt and the cardigan. I'd like to knit a red cardigan. Some time soon :)

  6. Ooooh what a cute skirt!

  7. Rain is good for nature and air, but for skirt... not really, too bad!
    But anyway, you made the rainy day brighter, I'm sure :O) the skirt is totally cute!!

  8. Rainy day or not, you look fantastic! I love all this red.

    (FYI—I'm getting caught up on my blog reading; I've been busy.)

  9. Yup, it's rainy and windy here too, but you look beautiful in this picture. I love it when I can finally spot women clad in bright and colorful clothes in the city. It means it's finally spring. :-) People must have felt that way when they saw you on this day. ^_^


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