Thursday, 13 March 2008

Today's outfit - 03/13

I want to thank all the ones that have wished me, in yesterday post, a better mood.
Thanks for caring about.

I feel a bit better today, but as you can see for my outfit I’m not entirely well.
But things will get better, I know.


black boots - local store
black pants - Vero Moda
black and white scarf as a belt - Tally Weijl
black turtleneck - local store
white cardigan - Mango
black and white bangle - gypsy market
onix necklace - gift from hubby


  1. It's so weird to find you with an almost complete black outfit!...

    I hope everything's going really well, I'll just keep on wishing you the best!

    Smile!! =0)


  2. I lobe b&w outfits. I love the b&w you're wearing.

    On your question, I believe trends here for fall are all from F/W 2007/2008 runway, sucks. They're just starting to sell those high-knee socks i've been craving since the first time i saw!

    Hope things get better for you, the previous post worried me a little.

  3. Good to hear that you're feeling better. I like the bkack and white. You look really good.

  4. Missing the colour I love to see in your outifts, but even then you look great. Nice contrast between the cardigan and everything else.

  5. You look so elegant wearing only black and white! I love that!

  6. I actually love black and white together eventhough I know that is unusual for you. Do I see a brighter lipstick on you though :)?

    Hope your weekend will be better (you're leaving this weekend?)


  7. The black and white looks fabulous. The polka dot scarf and white cardigan escalate the chicness of this classic outfit.

  8. Glad to hear you're feeling in a better mood, I hope the weekend brings you lots of rest and peace of mind. I think you look very chic in the black and white, I like this outfit on you. PS You've been tagged, please see my blog for details.

  9. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better.

    You look sharp in this outfit. I have always loved black and white together. I love the scarf as a belt.

  10. Girl, I love that outfit, and you are working it!!! What a fabulous figure you have!! That all black with a touch of white here and there is a definite winner!!


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