Saturday, 15 March 2008

Today's outfit - 03/15

I’ve been busy organizing things to my trip to mainland which will be thursday night.
But the weather isn’t helping, during the night and after midday it has been raining a lot.
I hope the weather will improve; maybe it is just winter saying Goodbye….

These sweater and pants I found them when I was doing an inventory of some clothes which hadn’t been wore for ages and seeing if there were some I could recycle.
I can assure that the pants are olive drab green, but I think in the photo they seem gray.

I also found a navy blue skirt that I liked, but I’m in doubt about its length, because it’s almost an ankle length. I didn’t wish to cut it, but I don’t know if it’s longer that it should be. What do you advice me? Should I wear it or should I keep it for “better days”?

black boots - local store
green pants - don't remember
orange shirt - Vero Moda
green sweater - don't remember
thin black belt - from a skirt
scarf - don't remember


  1. I like the skirt, if someone can pull it off, it's you. Glad to see the colour back in your outfit! Great.

  2. Oh wow. The seeker is back and brighter than ever! I love the green and orange in that outfit.

    I also like the skirt. I am not sure how tall you are. I am only 5'4", so I could never pull off a skirt that hits at that part of my leg. I would have to shorten it.

    Thanks for the tag, I am looking forward to doing it.

  3. hey dont hide your face !! it just goes with the rest and that's what makes soemthin cooler than everything else !!

  4. I would keep the skirt you wear in the first picture. I really like it.

  5. Keep the skirt that length!

  6. That skirt length is nice on you, especially with the Mary Jane heels. I hope you will keep it. The green/orange/green pants are beautiful together.

    And we are indeed ready to see your lovely face, if you're ready to show it!

  7. The orange shirt is wonderful! What a great color...

  8. your discoveries are wonderful. I feel you can wear the skirt while it is still winter

  9. I like the length as well as the combination of greens and oranges. I want your olive shoes!


  10. I like the navy skirt, the fullness of the skirt is very pretty on you. But I definitely would hem it a little shorter. I just prefer that a skirt hit you alittle below the knee, but not much.


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