Monday, 17 March 2008

Today's Outfit - 03/17

I’m very into the feminine/masculine trend. I think it can work in a sexy look.

Since I’ve two or tree pants suits appropriated to warmer weather I will continue to work this trend, maybe in different forms, in Spring.
I'm leaving them at the dry cleaner, so when I'll come back I can wear them, if the weather allows it.

I’m working too much at the office; I must leave some work done, so I can take my days of from the office.
“I’m overwhelmed”.

bordeaux suit - mainland store some time ago
white button down blouse - local store
green and... argyle vest - Vero Moda
green tie - made from a satin band
green and black handbag - local store
black shoes - local store


  1. Wow!!'re totally back!! (i guess)...there's the color again!! and the best of the outfit es your vest!!

  2. This is my new favorite. I really love it. The color combo is genius.

  3. The color of the suit is lovely and it looks good with green. You're almost can handle it :)

  4. Your suit makes a great silhouette.

  5. Hi Seeker, you have the right figure for this trend. It works well for you! Will you show us what you wore
    on your vacation when you come back?

    :) smiles

  6. You look great!!
    I love the bordeaux and the green!!!

  7. I am in love with this outfit! One of my favorites :)


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