Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Today's Outfit - 03/18

This is my 100th outfit that I publish in this blog.
Well I just realise it now. If I would know it before I would produce myself for that.
I’ve tried that all the outfits were different. Well, they can be similar sometimes, but there’s always a certain different detail,
If you do a search by the label today's outfit you can see it.
So if you do that why don’t you tell me which one is your favourite?
You can do it on comments and reference by date.
If I’ll have enough answers I’ll do a pool to find the one you liked most.

Today I’ve tried these days most spoken, in the bloggosphere, colour combo.
Pink + Orange.
I really like it, but it must be done carefully. With the right tones.
So I tried it just in “baby steps”.

black to gray shoes - local store
gray tights - local store
pink trench-coat - Vero Moda a few years ago
gray pencil skirt - don't remember
gray cardigan - Vero Moda
orange shirt - Vero Moda
pink blouse - 3 Suisses some years ago
orange scarf - don't remember


  1. Your cardigan is pretty, very nice =) Kisses and good week

  2. Congratulations on your 100th and hopefully you've have many more! I absolutely adore your pink trench coat. I think it looks great with the orange scarf.

  3. Ditto what Jill said. What a great spring jacket!

  4. Congratulations!! What a tribute too!! I love the colors together. And a pink trench? Love it!

    Thanks for checking up on me. I've been swamped with work, and will be until I return from a major trip for next week. I will try to keep up though :)

  5. Wow! 100 outfits! My dear Seeker, that is good going, congrats. Love the pink and orange, offset by the grey and the jacket is lovely, very striking colour.

  6. Ohhh I love colorful trenchcoats! Yours is fantastic!

  7. Congratulations! I vote for the outfit on 02/25 for the sharp but softness.

    Hehe yes it's good to dress relaxed for your holiday. I cannot wait to see what you'll bring back with you! If we don't speak before you leave, I wanted to wish you a great trip. We'll miss you around here.


  8. Wow, that pink trench! I love it!

    My vote for favorite outfit is Monday, 3/17. My absolute favorite on you.

  9. Also, CONGRATULATIONS on 100 outfits. Congratulations on 100 instances where you shared yourself with the world.

  10. Oh I love your grey cardigan! Looks amazing!

  11. wow 100 outfits! i wish i'll get there one day!

    I adore Blackto gray shoes!!

  12. Good job with the outfits - very cute!

  13. Super cute pink trench!! Very nice! You know I got a thing for trench coats!! Nice to see you in more spring colors....is it warming up alittle bit where you're at?


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