Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Today's Outfit - 03/19

Busy, busy, busy…
I’m packing the things to my trip to mainland, and also leaving the house all clean.
As I’ve said I’m planning to stay in touch as much as I could.
So keep coming, because I’ll be back…
And don’t forget me!

Take care all you!!

black shoes - local store
olive green pants - don't remember
purple blouse - Vero Moda
green cardigan - don't remember
thin yellow belt - local store
necklace - local store


  1. Your leaving? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    I will miss all your outfits! You always look great and today is no exception!

  2. we're leaving our places!! i'm gonna travel to México City!!...i was born there, and all my family is there, so i'm gonna enjoy smog, traffic, people!! jajaja... I love that city! any way... enjoy cavations! we'll see next monday how was everything!!...

    HAVE FUN!!


  3. What a big mistake!! i wrote "cavations" instead of "vacations""...but know what i ment!!

  4. We will definitely be awaiting your return to see the new finds and hear about your experiences!

    Have a wonderful trip.

  5. Ja!! thanx!! i had no idea that i didn't change your anwers!! but i'm done with that!!...

  6. please keep in touch, don't be like me!! so sorry for being MIA, travelin' too much. have fun in Mainland!!!

  7. Ohhh you really rock green!

  8. keep in touch and have a nice time

  9. too much look like a lettuce. sorry...

  10. I love these colors... beautiful and so earthy/ Springy.

  11. I'm gonna miss your posts, dear.
    Take a lot of pictures, have fun and make sure you tell us when you're back ;)

  12. You look great!!!
    Have fun on your holiday and I'm gonna miss your posts!!
    Take care and let us know how your trip was and I can't wait to see what you bought!!

  13. I love the green pants..they look really good. I'll miss you but i know you need that trip to relax. Please enjoy!!!

  14. Of course we will miss you, but we'll be right here waiting when you post.


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