Sunday, 20 April 2008

2008 spring legwear

Every time the weather starts to warm, in transition from winter to spring, but it’s not yet hot to be with nude legs, that I have mixed feelings and uncertainties about legwear.
Therefore this time I’ve been searching the internet to obtain information regarding it.

In my investigation I found that since December's British Vogue recommended transparent tights in their piece about dressing for the in-between season. has some articles with references to legwear in which they tell that the unspoken law of open-toe shoes has been that one should never wear opaque (or otherwise obvious) stockings with peep toe shoes but 2008 is putting a big red line through that rule.

"Tights and peep toes are the year's new It couple," declares the ShopBop website. Going totally against the grain, one of the biggest footwear fashion crazes is pairing opaque tights or textured stockings with open-toe shoes. That which was once a serious fashion faux pas is now all the rage!

In an interview for, Barbara Atkin, fashion director at Holt Renfrew, warns fashionistas against wearing sheer stockings with peep toe shoes. Instead, she advises wearing lace or fishnet stockings, an opaque black stocking, or a tight in a tone the same colour as the shoe.

Who What Wear daily states that sheer tights have officially returned since the runways of Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Karl Lagerfeld, and Derek Lam were a study in transparent hosiery, as designers sent out their models in see-through stockings in abundance.

Well, now it seems that ones major issue is not “if”..., but “which”. The assortment is endless.

What do you think about spring 2008 legwear trends? What would you wear?


  1. i love all the hosiery options...mostly b/c i am super pale and as long as i can stave off bare legs the better off we all are ha! plus i pretty much live in black tights and could stand to mix it up

  2. Sheer tights are very chic for spring right now!! The only problem is I get holes in them easily.

  3. I love all kinds of tights, though I don't always love the printed ones. Some are fantastic, while others can look bad from far away. It really depends.

  4. I just love tights. Love them.

  5. There's something strange about tights...I love coloured thights during winter time, but I only sometimes wear coloured thights when it's warm (or should be warm) For summertime I prefere socks, leggins, nylons...but the pictures in your entry make me think about thights more carefully...

  6. I love tights - especially colored ones! And I adore wearing them with peep toes!

  7. Love #1 especially! I always do open-toe with tights and I don't care what others say :) Nice pictures as well as good investigative post!


  8. Thanks for the review. You have always been my go-to woman for tights.

    I think I might be able to bypass this trend though. It is going to be a warm week in St. Louis.

  9. i want blue tights just like the second girl is wearing.

  10. Warm weather makes me want to wear coloured legs, too :)

    It's funny that opac peep-toe shoes + tights couple. I used to see it with horror but now I'm so used to it that it even seems beautiful to me sometimes! Anyway, I think I'll never feel the same for sandals with thick socks... :S


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