Thursday, 3 April 2008

back home…

Home, sweet home!!

We arrived late night at home. The fly was very good, despite the approached to the airport had some turbulence.
I didn’t eat at the plane because the meal was a meat sandwich; they told me that I can ask for a vegetarian one next time.
The weather is awful, lots of wind and rain. It seems spring didn’t come after all.
We just start working next Friday.
Tomorrow it will be to put back into working order the house. Also to see if my dress is fitting me.

We had an enjoyable and funny time, but it ended quickly. I’m afraid we didn’t rest enough, will see…

I have to tell you a secret, down so no one can listening, I’m so afraid of jumping to the balance to see my weight… what if I’ve gain some? I will be desperate.

Thank you all that “travelled” with us.

But it’s good to be back home!!


  1. Hi there, I'm glad you're home. I understand about being afraid of the scale/balance; just be good to yourself, no matter what the results.

    Just to let you know, I did get a disgusting porn popup this time. :(

  2. Vacation weight will normalize once you are home. Don't worry about it! And, happy you had a such a lovely trip and are home safe.

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  4. OMG! Please my dear island friend, don't worry about your weight, firstly you have a wonderful husband, and secondly you are so petite in yr photo's, a few kilo's won't hurt you, just enjoy all yr new wonderful clothes and accessories, my dear, life is too short for unceasary worries, and you are truly beautiiful, I have grown to know you a bit, such a sensitive, honest, and feeling person, enjoy your life.

  5. A turbulência é quase sempre certa por esses lados, não é?

    E sabe sempre tão bem chegar a casa e guardar tudo nos seus cantinhos. Eu, pessoalmente, adoro!

    Beijinhos, e bom regresso ao dia-a-dia normal.

  6. Welcome home sweetie! Oh nice you have still some time off. Any plans?


  7. I'm glad you had a nice and safe trip!

  8. Here the weather is, puff, splendorous. it's really hot. I hate it. The news guys say that this april is going to be the hot-hot. What can i do? use skirts and dresses.

    It's so good that you came back home safely. I hope you rested, at least emotianally. About the thing that scares you I can only say "al mal paso darle prisa"

    order in the house? terrible, i hate that part of the coming-back-home-thing.


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