Thursday, 3 April 2008

ending the revelation…

Some of the last pictures of the things I’ve bought.

From Double Agent and From Bershka

Double Agent

a white, yellow and black sheer waistcoat (flower printed)


a black shirt with the sheer top part flower printed in white, yellow and black

From Shop 1One

a white sleeveless coat

four collared blouses
a yellow
a green
a purple
a striped fuchsia and white
(all with different cuts)

From Mango and From Cortefiel


a purple with lacy details top


a 2 in 1 - a black cardigan with a white blouse

From random stores

belts (white, navy blue, fuchsia and Klein blue)

a pair of green shoes

a pair of yellow shoes

4 bangles (yellow, black, black and white, gold)

a black and white necklace

an azure necklace

a golden and a silver necklaces

(Click the images to enlarge)

I've bought some few things that I didn't take pictures, like some tights, a pair of sunglasses, well little things.

About the make-up it deserves a post just about it, so I'll do it soon.

I hope you didn't get bored with all this. Thank you for your support.

The shopping season is now closed.


  1. I love all the clothes, shoes and accessories that you bought,can hardly wait to see them on you!

  2. More fabulous pieces! I cannot wait to see the outfits you create.

  3. I love all this, and am not bored. The colors are beautiful. Let's see these pieces in action!

  4. Looks like you found some great things. I love the bright colors.

  5. looks like you got some really great things!

  6. I especially love the yellow shoes! Quite an impressive haul.

  7. Looks so lovely - you're the queen of shopping!

  8. Os sapatos amarelos... Lindos!

  9. I see a whole lot of goodies here!! Love the green and yellow shoes!

  10. ooh, im excited lol, cant wait for u do work your magic on them

  11. I can say that these things are my favorite..all of them. Good purchases my dear, really good.


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