Saturday, 5 April 2008

entering into the makeup's world…

As I’ve already told here I don’t wear make-up on a daily basis, only a bit of lipstick, I just make-up on special occasions.

Though I want to make it clear that is not because of that that I didn’t show my face yet. I have other reasons for privacy.

But continuing… despite the fact I don’t use make-up, I’ve been thinking that I should have some good basic products for whenever I would want to put some make-up I would be prepared.
Or even, who knows, maybe to start wearing just a really light one.

So, I looked at the store. I was full of confidence, hanging on my hand a printed paper with some advices that my blogging friend, the lovely Grayburn has given me.

A girl approached and we started talking about what I wanted and I was asking her many questions, consulting my notes.

I ended leaving the store with a bag full of stuff.

Let’s see what I’ve chosen.

For skin care, the girl said that my face skin was very dehydrated, as I already knew.
So I bought a Helena Rubinstein Hydro Urgency Intense Moisture Replenishing Balm.
I’m going to use this, in the morning and at night, on face and neck, for at least tree months and then I’ll see if the skin is better. Then I can consider doing anti-ageing.

Then we started to choose the basic products:
- a L’Oreal Long-Lasting Perfecting Foundation Honey
- a creamy L’Oreal concealer Porcelain
- an Artdeco Bronzing Powder Compact (two colours, beige and brown)
- since my skin has a bit of pink on the cheeks we decided not take a blush and use the dark colour of the powder (brown) as blush
- a Bourjois Sourcil Précision Eyebrow Pencil black (we tried the dark brown but it was light, I really have black hair)
- a L’Oreal ColorAppeal Trio Pro Hazel Eyes eyeshadows (brown, beige, light)
- a Bourjois Volume Glamour black mascara
- a Lancôme Lipcontour Chocolat
- a L’Oreal Lipstick Eva Toffee
- a L’Oreal Glam Shine Natural Glow Pearly Bronze
- a Chanel Nail Colour Rouge Noir

(Click the image to enlarge)

The girl has makeuped me with all this products and I liked the result, so I bought them.
I also bought a brush (but at Body Shop) to apply the powder.

After all they offered me a makeup purse, a Clarins trio blush (which I can wear as eyeshadows) and some samples of Chanel skin products and Helena Rubinstein lip sculptor.

Now I feel that I’m better prepared to do my makeup whenever I wish.

Well Grayburn and Izar if you were with me I’m sure I would buy better, but I hope that for a newbie I didn’t make many mistakes.


  1. I'm newbie about these things too but what you bought sounds really good. And please let me know about the mascara. i don't recognize the brand but maybe i can find it here.
    Good luck

  2. It sounds like a fun trip, and I'm glad you got yourself some nice things. :D You'll look beautiful!

  3. Goodness, you're one lucky lady: those makeup items look amazing! It's always so good to buy new stuff, especially an entire bagful of goodies! ^_^ I hope you will enjoy using them and I wish we could be browsing through stores with you and Grayburn and buying makeup!

    Please tell us how you like them in the long run. I'm especially curious about that Bourjois mascara as I love all things Bourjois.

    Personally, I think this is a great starter: everything that's essential is here, the colors are natural, elegant and wearable both at work and on a night out. They should enhance your natural beauty and form a stong base to which you can later add to.

    Wise choices alltogether and I hope you'll have lots of fun with them! ^_^
    Enjoy using them!


  4. You may be a newbie, but you surely sound like you know more than me! Great haul.

  5. Sounds like some great stuff! Shall we get a makeup shot? :)

  6. Hmm, I left a message earlier but somehow I think it's not here. I think I must be forgetting things these days!

    Anyway, I'm so happy you got your makeup! These are great choices and such wearable and easy colors. I hope that they are fun for you as well? Please let us know if you use them every day or if you like or dislike something in particular. I'm jealous of the Chanel nail polish! That is a lovely shade :) Oh how I wish I was there sharing the fun with you and Izar!

    Bye for now,


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