Tuesday, 1 April 2008

the revelation begins…

I’m starting to post some picture of the things I’ve bought.

My first goal was to improve my wardrobe with some trendy pieces that I can mix with my existent clothes and also to improve my shoe’s collection with colour despite de basic shapes.
Everything else is a bonus.
From Zara

a yellow V neckline sweeter

a white high-waist pencil skirt

a printed semi full skirt (it seems brushed)

From H&M

a printed silk tunic

an yellow basic top

a black shirt

a dark gray vest

a beige cropped pants (if we want the legs can be pull down)

a light beige wide legs pants

These two pants were bough by my dear husband to replace that bag I’ve lost
From Rafthi

an ombre handbag (purple, pink, wine)
I was in love with this handbag, I knew the price and thought it was expensive so I didn't buy it. When I got "home" we had an extra bag... my lovely and sweet husband had bought me the handbag.
(Click the images to enlarge)

to be continue...


  1. Parabéns pelas tuas compras - gostei particularmente das saias da Zara.


  2. Oh you've bought such nice things - and the handbag is so beautiful.

  3. Lovely! The gradient bag is my favorite!

  4. What great choices. My favourite is the plain black, and the black and red H&M tops and the printed skirt, and the waistcoat....and the bag....simply gorgeous. I will be looking forward to seeing the new outfits and combinations that you come up with. PS Your hubby sounds like a totally amazing and special guy.

  5. At first, I was going to try to list my favorites, until I realized everything was my favorite. I love it all! Great choices, and I'm glad you got replacements for your lost items. Your husband is great. Kiss him!

  6. Wow, you got some great stuff on this trip and I really love the purple bag!! I gotta tell you though, you have "popup" windows coming up on your website with pornography. You might want to check to see if you some sort of link on your blog that pops up ads.

  7. first off- i love your bag! i love the dark vest! and i love zara's.. almost everything sold there is amazing!

  8. Yeah...the reveal begins! These are amazing pieces. I cannot wait to see you mix them into your looks.

    What a cool hubbie!

  9. Great pieces!
    i really like the skirts and the plain black top from H&M!

  10. that's a beautiful bag, so sweet of your husband!


  11. I love things from picture 1 and 3. The bag is awsome too. It's good to know that the shopping ended well :)

  12. Gorgeous bag! Your husband has excellent taste.

  13. LOVE that Zara print skirt. Unfortunately (or, probably fortunately) I don't have one near me, so I only shop there when in Europe.


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