Wednesday, 2 April 2008

the revelation continues…

Some more pictures of the things I’ve bought.

From Aldo

a pair of pink shoes

a pair of purple shoes
(I can assure you they're purple, despite in the picture seem a sort of blue)

From Acetato and From Promod


a printed dress

a white T-shirt with some yellow flowers


an orange short sleeve bolero

a gray short sleeve cardigan

From Stradivarius

a pair of Klein blue shoes
a black, white and pink clutch
a green thin belt
a pink thin belt
a tribal necklace
From Tie Rack

You know when I wore those ties made of a satin band my husband had some troubles doing the knots, so... he bought me these tree silk skinny ties, (gray, wine, blue) telling me that I needed some real ties to do a proper knot
(yes, he's actually awesome)

(Click the images to enlarge)

to be continue...


  1. Purple shoes! You are a bold soul.

    It is funny, I bout my husband very bold ties. Lots of colour. This weekend I got him a great orange one this weekend. I am wondering if I get to channel my love of colour into his wardrobe. Thanks for provoking this insight.

  2. Once again, your husband comes through. He is a prize.

    I love all you've bought. You'll inject a lot of color into your wardrobe by choosing all these bright items.

    I can't wait to see them in action!

  3. I love those colorful shoes :).

  4. I love the blue ones... they're totally awesome!!! satin..?
    they look marvellous.

  5. I love the purple shoes from ALDO. A. The fact that they're purple is awesome and strange enough I bet they DO go with everything :]
    B. I cant tell from the picture if its just a pattern or if they shoes have stitching on them but I LOVE IT!
    C. Ankle strap??? :D!!!!

    I approve hehe!

  6. love those aldo shoes!
    Great picks of color!

    Promod is such a great store!!

  7. Lindas as tuas compras! Adorei, sobretudo, os acessórios!

    Quanto às gravatas, acho bem - o fundamental é gostares e te sentires bem com elas!


  8. Nice, nice. I especially like the items from pictures number 2 and 3.

    Please, keep presenting your purchases

  9. Hey...your ties are so cool!!...and I also love your dress!!...seems you were so busy...but that's ok!!... You have a lot of cool things!...

    Now...about the pop-ups, I don't know!!...I have them blocked, but that might be a problem of the computer of the person who told you that...that person needs to eliminate the 'cookies' and the 'temporal files'...myabe that can help! =)

    I'd love to see your 'Life's soundtrack'...jejeje...


  10. Your accessories are great. I love all your shoes and that dress looks great! Can't wait to see these clothes on you! (I love that your husband bought you that bag in secret by the way!)

  11. I love the purple quilted shoes, too cute and what a great find!

  12. Wow! I need to shop your new closet!

  13. You bought some great stuff!!
    I especially love the blue shoes and the printed skirt from Zara (earlier post)!


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