Tuesday, 22 April 2008


I had a surprise gift today.
Off course from who it could be except from my husband…
It was a very nice surprise from the man I think is someone really special.
It’s a pink wrist watch with the bracelet made of pink and gray pearls.
It was ordered by my hubby, made especially for me by one of his co-workers, who makes this kind of jewellery.
If you would like to see more from her work, or even buy something you can check her blog and contact her.

The box was also made by her

(I had to dark the photo so you could see the watch better)

Thank you love.


  1. Amiga, que excelente surpresa! O teu marido é um querido!


  2. It's perfect! What a great husband you have. :D

  3. Oiiiii amiga, andei meio sumidinha mas aqui estou e encantada com esse mimo que seu querido marido lhe presenteou, que linda surpresa hein?!
    Um super beijo no core;)

  4. how sweet and how very pretty! you need to give him extra kisess hehe!



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