Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Today's outfit - 04/08

Through I’m writing this, outside there’s a big storm like I think we didn’t have any at the middle of winter.
Meteorologists say that at least by Friday we wouldn’t have better weather.
It’s raining a lot, it’s so cold and they say that the speed of the wind can reach 120 km/h.
Weather is like “crazy” and part because of “us” and what “we” are doing to our mother Earth.
So what do you think about that? What do you think you’re doing in fact to help Earth?

black boots - local store
black with thin brown stripes pants - local store
brown turtleneck - La Redoute
red cardigan - Mango
black belt - Mango
necklace - mainland store
bangles - mainland store
scarf - gift


  1. This is a great outfit. I love the red sweater, the scarf, and the black belt.

    I think—hope—I'm helping the earth by trying to recycle what I can, trying to cut back on what I use, and trying to drive less. Sometimes I feel I'm doing nothing to help. It can be overwhelming.

  2. very classy, i love this outfit, especially the belt and scarf. nice job putting this outfit together

  3. Well here in my area of Ontario, we have recycling programs and composting programs, so that a lot less waste goes to landfills. We also have a lot of people who use buses, rather than drive. I think we can probably do more, but we are trying.
    I really like that scarf by the way!

  4. I turned my power off for Earth Hour! Well, technically I wasn't home...but it was off! Then there's recycling and using recycled products. I like the way you wore your scarf! Very 70s/80 chic! If only I wasn't weird about my neck, hahaha!

  5. The belt, scarf and necklace---I love them together. You are a bold soul in fashion and otherwise.

  6. I really like your scarf :).

    Well right now the weather is crazy here, too. But people don't have to claim about it, when they don' stop torturing the nature.

  7. I love how this outfit comes together. The scarf is so chic.

    Re:the earth. I try to make my concern for the earth a part of my daily life. I often feel like my actions are minimal though. I use reusable products--shopping bags, water bottles, mugs, etc. I drive significantly less (soaring gas prices encourage this move as well). And, I try to consume less energy.

  8. Love the way you put the belt!
    Very cool!

  9. cute scarf lady! I always try to cut down on plastic bag use, recycle all my bottles and jars. I also take public transit and walk wherever I can. I would really love to cut down my footprint on earth.


  10. I like your red cardigan. About mother eath I do wha I can...but it's not enough

  11. I don't like storms they scare me so much. Stay inside and stay safe!
    Love today's outfit as usual. A bright bunch of red, awesome choice!

  12. Love this!
    That scarf is gorgeous!!

    I think I'm helping the earth by recycle everything, never leave anything in stand-by, never leave the light on, using the car as little as possible, ...
    Sometimes people tell me that I'm obsessed with this, but I think it's REALLY impotant!!!

  13. Love all the details with this outfit!

  14. I love the belt over the red cardigan! Looks great!


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