Sunday, 13 April 2008

Today's outfit - 04/13

No my dear Readers, I wasn’t able to do what I planned in this weekend…
But I don’t face it as a failure, there will be more days and weekends. And I’m sure that the sun will shine tomorrow.

Today, my hubby and I, we went on a date. It was movies and dinner out.
What movie we saw? Atonement!!
Yes olimpiA I finally got it.
We had to go to the other city of the island, but I couldn’t miss this opportunity. Almost everyone out there has seen it, but you know some things get here at the island slowly.
“They have to cross the sea” *big laugh*
After we went to dinner, we laugh and it was great.

So tomorrow another working week begins… I wish you all the best.

black to gray shoes - local store
gray suit - mainland store some time ago
violet button down blouse - mainland store some time ago
black vest - La Redoute
belt - Stradivarius
scarf – Bershka
handbag – Rafthi
purple shirt under blouse - Vero Moda


  1. A date, how nice!

    You look great in all this purple. :D

  2. Ha. I so remember how long it took for movies to get the island on which I grew up.

    Fabulous look for what sounds like a fabulous date!

  3. Ooooh really nice... I love the colored blouse with the grey suit.

  4. Your date sounds like fun. I still haven't seen Atonement, I'm waiting for it to come out on DVD in SA. Love all the purple on you...and I adore the black waistcoat. I am in love with waistcoats at the moment.

  5. Oh i love dates! They give me such a giddy feeling :) I like the way this looks. Sounds like you had the kind of weekend that charges your batteries. That's really good!


  6. Nada como tirar partido dos pequenos prazeres que a ilha vai oferecendo em termos culturais!

    Beijinhos de boa semana.

  7. first things first

    i love the violet blouse

    give it that urphh

    the whole outfit is fab

  8. aww don't worry there's plenty of time
    love your outfit, I think it looks great like your ready for the office and you added a nice girly twist to it!

  9. Lucky you.... I haven't seen the movie, i've just read the book and you know I love it. I guess I'll have to wait until it is realise on dvd. How lovely that you had a date.....

    Take care..miss u.

  10. I love that purple shiny blouse....
    very nice combining :o)
    a big hug!

  11. Wow, that sounds great!

    This green and purple combination is amazing! I fell in love with green and purple about a week ago when one of my fellow teachers walked in to orientation with this adorable purple backpack which had this cool green shimmer, looked almost holographic! I've been planning to do a post dedicated only to this color combo and I'll be sure to include this ensemble of yours in it (with your permission, of course)!

  12. I love gray with violet or purple!


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