Friday, 18 April 2008

Today's Outfit - 04/18

I feel like starting complaining about the weather, but I’m repeating myself everyday…
As I’ve said I would, I did the quiz “Which Sex and the City Vixen Are You?”, and also the one the nicely and Earth concerned .::JoSePhIne::. from All That I'm Living For has in her blog.
And imagine… with both I obtained the same answer: Charlotte!
They matched, I felt surprised, but I guess that that gives more consistences to the answer.
I wonder if I’m a sort of Charlotte’s character, my husband says he thinks so.
I was checking old posts in Easy Fashion in Paris when I saw these “Giant High Heeled shoe made of pans in Les Tuileries, Paris, Art-Work by Joanna Vascocelo”.
I love it.

Oh Paris, Paris… I wouldn’t dye without going there.
I’m so animated with the trip to Paris that “la belle, humoreuse et spéciale” La Belette Rouge is going to do. I will look forward for her trip’s posts.
A blogging friend, the lovely Grayburn from GRAYBURN went to a Cosmetics Conference, so she will have great information like she always has.

Also a great friends in Internet, the wonderful Izar from Binary Star has enormous information about “Everyday Minerals”.

With an organizational approach of closet’s space, my dear Internet friend, the fantastic Enc from observationmode has a great Pool in which we can vote and tell our closet’s “state”.
I was tagged by the brave Dazed & Confused from Saudi and the City to do a meme, I’ll do it as soon as I can.

The always gracious bronwyn from FashionAbility “has gone fishing”, but we will miss her posts and we are waiting for her.
The beautiful and funny DraMandarina from * Drama Girl * has been sick, I missed her, not just because she makes me laugh, but now I’m glad she’s better.
My great friend, the young, inquisitive and pretty olimpiA from a blog of my own is struggling with her university duties, and I miss her.

I could go on with other great bloggers that I think make the bloggosphere better, but I must put my outfit photo or the post title will be gibberish.
Weekend is here! Great. Let’s see if this time I can do half of the things I want. I would be satisfied if I’ll get to do half. *laugh*
I hope you enjoy your weekend, have fun…. I’ll be back.

green shoes - mainland store
navy tights - local store
blue navy skirt - from mother
yellow sweater - Zara
blue navy turtleneck - local store
blue navy belt - mainland store
citrus scarf - gift
bangles - mainland store
handbag (you know) - local store

Á Cecília, na imposibilidade de o fazer directamente, quero agradecer as amáveis palavras que me deixou, esperando que continue a visitar o blog sem ficar decepcionada com o que encontrar. Acredite que tento dar o meu melhor. Obrigado.


  1. I would think you would be charlotte too if I could pick one.
    Another day another great outfit, this one is really bright and funky. I love your green shoes, can I have them? *laughs*

  2. You look like made for wearing yellow - so great :).

  3. what a bright yellow blouse. nice. =]

  4. nice shoes hiihi! :) the seeker, i added your blog in my bloglinks. take care! :)

  5. Hmm...cory aquino ikaw ba yan? hihihi. pero maganda yung pagka yellow ng blouse. i like it. :)

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hi dearest, thanks for linking me both blogs!!
    i changed the link for the first one, could you change it, if you like?
    I just sent you an e-mail where you can find it!!
    if you click on my profile here it should be available on the list of "my blogs".

    thanks again, if you got 2 times CHarlotte then .... it should be so :o)
    a big big hug!

  8. my sister was in paris the last week, she said that it was indescribable =D i am so happy that i'll be there on pentecoast!
    love your green shoes in combination with the yellow sweater

  9. excellent outfit. Love the pic of the high heel you found, too.

  10. The shoe looks really funny. It must be amazing on live.

    I hope you manage to make half of the things you want. But most importantly i hope you manage to rest.

    Thanks for calling me young and pretty, haha. I miss u when i can't visit your blog.

    I love the color of you cardigan I want something on that color.

    Now I want to complain about the weather: it's crazy..during the day is really hot but it's cold in the mornings and it rains at night. And these last three days it has been windy and rainy. i don't understand.

  11. You look great in this bright combo!

    Thanks for giving precious blog-space to me!


  12. I forgot to say: that shoe is great, thanks for posting it.

  13. Wow! The yellow and black are amazing together. The green shoes take the look to a whole different level. Fabulous!

  14. i love the yellow and green

    its not something i would have thought go well together, but it really does

  15. Hey there! Thanks for the honorable mention :) As you can see though, I haven't written up the information from the conference yet :( It's one of those with information that I'm not sure how to put together yet...

    take care luv,


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