Saturday, 19 April 2008

Today's outfit - 04/19

Pattern mixing trend has been discuss by bloggers and one thing that is certain for everyone (I guess) is that it’s not an easy trend to pull off, it’s easy to fall into a mediocre result because there’s a thin line between the wonderful and the vulgar.

So despite I’m not afraid of colour mixing, I’m not so sure about pattern mixing.
I’ve seen great combos done by some bloggers (just not to speak of Dries van Noten).
I think this is a big challenge, and I would like to work it a bit provided not too extreme (I’m not a girl to turn over my face to a good challenge).
But I also think that if one is not sure better do “baby steps”. Thus I remembered a Mango’s set I have, bought some time ago that is a spaghetti handle top with stars pattern and a bolero with strips.
Well the mix was already done by the designer (I think when I bought it I was ahead of the trends *laugh*), so do you think that this will count?

Keeping talking about some bloggers…

The social scientist as I am, the stylish Psyche from Economy of Style is taking a brief hiatus while she resolves her computer crash, we all hope she will be back to blogging soon.

The always nice and cute Nadine from Strawberry Kitten now with her bilingual blog continues inspirational with her personal style.

Always with great information about celebrities style and fashion, the pretty Jen from • MAHALO FASHION doesn’t save efforts to keep us updated.

The sweet Imelda from Imelda has a huge shoe’s collection, that I actually envy (in a friendly sort way).

The light at the end of the tunnel”, the beautiful and creative Jill from Couture Salope is really “the shortcut and the longest route”… to paraphrase her.

If you want to “get all the latest juice on your favourite celebs” you must check what the well informed Fresh and Fab from :::::F&F::::Late... Celeb News Served Fresh and Fab posts.

Now my outfit, as in all my outfit's photos you can click to enlarge, maybe the patterns will be more visible.

black boots - local store
black pants - Vero Moda
blue with black stars top - Mango
blue and black stripes bolero - Mango
black turtleneck - local store
pearls necklaces - mainland store


  1. Gostei do efeito final das sobreposições!

    Beijinhos de bom fim-de-semana.

  2. Hello there. =) Im so sorry. I thought ur a filipino.Well, you got a nice blog here and your fashion is really quite like that of europeans. :) What nationality are you anyway? Your blogmates seems to be somewhere from europe, too. :) You take care and have a blessed weekened! :)


  3. you look really good.. I want your outfit now!!!

    how's your weekend?

  4. This color combo and proportion is nice on you!

  5. I think pattern mixing is really difficult. I never really tried it, because I'm afraid of looking like a clown. But I thought about making a dress out of different patterns.

    You look today is great as always and I really thank you für mentioning me!

  6. very cool outfit... the necklace really makes the outfit, and the cardigan is something id deffently wear! argh pattern mixing... people really do this well but im really simple when it comes to fashion so not anything id try.x

  7. great, the necklace is beautiful and the colour choice is awesome. I love it!

  8. Thanks so much for the mention!
    I like your subtle pattern mixing, especially because you used a star pattern which is so popular right now!

  9. Today I found a pair of shoes that were a good example of pattern mixing. They had stripes and flowers and managed to look good BUT they didn't fit me!!!!

  10. I love it!!!! Everything comes together in this look.

    Thanks for the mention!
    I am back up and running today.


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