Monday, 21 April 2008

Today's Outfit - 04/21

Today I had that feeling when one looks at the closet full of clothes and says “I’ve nothing to wear!!!”
Have you ever had this feeling?

I don’t program my outfits in advance. I like to dress according to my mood and the weather. The weather was easier to overtake if I would see what meteorologists say about it (despite the island weather is complicated to forecast). But my mood… How can I know it in advance… never!

So I pick a piece and start to construct the look around it.
But when I feel like today I just jump to the plan B. My ever loved colour combo, which I think looks good on me.
Black with white and red.
Just added the blue necklace to spice it “et voilà”.

I copycat one of Nadine’s poses (sorry dear, it was just today, don’t be mad with me, please) because I think it’s flattering for full skirts, but the picture went blurred, nevertheless I like it, so I posted it.

My husband spent all night working in a project he had to present today. I was worried about him therefore I didn’t sleep much thus I’m tired and on the edge.

red shoes - local store
black tights - local store
black full skirt - Vero Moda
red cardigan - Mango
white turtleneck - Zara
red belt -Tally Weijl
blue necklace - mainland store


  1. wow! i love your style your so amazing lol!
    I wish i owned as many cardigans and belts as you... i love your mature business woman kind of look... its inspiring =]
    I usually plan in my head what im wearing while im going to sleep... ive usually checked the weather aswell... but its so annoying when he says its going to be sunny and it rains haha!

    hope everything goes okay with your husband :)

  2. My new favorite. I love this look on you; I've never seen you in a full skirt. It's lovely.

    Good luck to your hubbo. :)

  3. oh i love mango! i love your outfit as well!

  4. purple and red do make for a nice combination!

  5. That question in front of the closet always happens.... even if I plan things.

    You look amazingly well. And I love that cardigan too. Actually my favorites are the yellow, the white one and this one.

    Hope your husband is better by now. You two guys must relax.

    I love your belt, too.

  6. Thanks for your lovely welcome back comment on my blog:) Yes, it's great to be back home! The full skirt is very nice indeed. That is a bold, powerful outfit.

  7. yup i know the feeling when you have "nothing to wear". then i picture an outfit, precisely the outfit i want to have - but i don't have the clothes for it. then i think for about half an hour until i come up with a solution that satisfies me. if i'm not satisfied with my outfit, nothing goes.

  8. Acontece-me tantas vezes não saber o que vestir, agora desde que tenho um bebé que a escolha ainda é mais complicada. Geralmente acabo nos jeans e uma camisa.

    Adoro a combinação de cores e a saia.

  9. Gostei muito deste look - excelente a combinação e o resultado final!

    Beijinhos (e espero que estejas melhor).

  10. Hello little posing sister :)... ypu look great wearing that look! And the pose really shows the beautiful skirt! It's great that wie chose similar colors and a similar pose!

  11. I love this skirt on you!

    I, too, like to dress to suit my mood, but I try to conceptualize a look the night before. I still have those days of "I have nothing to wear."

  12. I have that feeling almost everyday :) Eventhough I have so many clothes!

    You look amazing, I love the skirt on you. You really look great!

  13. this has got to be for me your best outfit to date, i love it

    love the red and black, fantastic

  14. I just love everything about this outfit. It looks great!


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