Thursday, 24 April 2008

Today's outfit - 04/24

How versatile can be a LBD?
In one moment we can wear it in a cocktail, at the other down it with some piece to go to work.

Today I’m almost dressed by Zara. Well I think it’s free advertising…

I went today to "our" Mango store. I was amazed, now it has much more pieces of the collection. Well, but my shopping season is closed :(

black shoes - local store
black tights - local store
red trench-coat - Zara
LBD - Zara
animal printed blouse - Zara
golden with brown "stones" necklace - mainland store


  1. I like the printed blouse detail, and that necklace is fantastic!

  2. your trench is amazing
    You look really good

  3. I love both of these looks. The trench is fantastic!

  4. I wanna steal the red trench in the first picture. The color is perfect!

  5. Fantastic LBD. I love both looks.

  6. i like the black one. well, because i like black. lol. you look great!

  7. That trench is great and I just love the LBD!!

    Ow, so sad your shopping season is closed! Especially since they have so much nice stuff at mango!

  8. Hi!!...I'm ok, but i could be better, any way...i'm alive, my thesis is driving me crazy!!... I need a lot of money!! jajaja...i don't know what to do, i have to pay things, to prepare my presentation, to contact some teachers...pff!! the good thing is that Omar is going to help I am!!...

    If i'm not posting as i used to is because of the time...

    Thanx for being "pendiente" of me...jajajaja...

    Miss u too!!!


  9. the red trench is awesome! senusal and mysterious, really beautiful!! you look great :)

  10. That trench is hot; I love Zaras.

  11. Great trench coat, I love Zara. I wish we had one in my city, there is one in NYC and thats it.


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