Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Today's Outfit - 04/30

Seeing my last few outfits I felt like I wore an uniform all week, just changing the colours.
How could I let this happen?
Tomorrow we have the day off, let’s see if I would achieve a very different style.

But they say it’s going to rain… Rrrrrrrrr

I’m starting to have fun making weird poses. But I must get a photo editing software, to do funny things with some pictures.
Any tips with an easy and cheap (free would be perfect) one?

green shoes - mainland store
tawny pants - Ana Sousa from a suit
carrot orange, white and blue stripped blouse - don't remember
brown cardigan - Mango
navy blue belt - mainland store
golden with brown "stones" necklace - mainland store


  1. Uniform or not, this is a cool and flattering look. But, I know what you mean when when things get monotonous.

  2. I like how you manage to make all those color look good together. Your cardigan seems soooo comfy and warm. I want it.

    I'm not going to school either...I'm planning to knit and read the whole day.

    Here's raining too, terrible! I can't wear my skirt and flats.

    I love your poses.

    Take care and rest.

  3. This look works for you, so maybe that's why it seems "uniform." It is uniformly flattering?

    I love the poses. I hope you'll do more. Show your fun side. I like to see it.

  4. I like the combination of green and tawny pants and always your accents with belts etc. Those are fun poses!


  5. I like the outfit. All those colours look good together which is pretty surprising when there's colours like that.

    And I love the funny poses!

  6. Its interesting to watch you gradually develop style.

  7. hahaha, love your green shoes!

  8. I love these pictures...the pixilated face and you poses is very Russian Bride (the pixilated face). I think you should stick with these poses and make them your own! Don't bother with software!

    I've just linked back to you

  9. Oooh your necklace is wonderful - so is your posing.

  10. loving the poses they are really nice

    a fantastic thing you can use to give ure pics some urppph is photobucket

    sign up, upload a picture, click edit and theres a lot of stuff you can do

  11. Hello Seeker,

    How are you doing, dear? I do hope that everything is okay with you and your hubby! Has good weather finally arrived there too? Here it almost feels like summer sometimes... ^_^

    I'm loving the poses! :-D

    This color combination is great even though it breaks the rule. I think the brown cardigan acts as a kind of intermediary between red and pink and creates harmony between them.

    Some artist' applications I recommend are listed in an old DeviantART journal entry of mine here.
    They can easily be used to edit photos not just to paint and draw.

    Add Ultimate Paint and the list is complete. :-) Have fun with them!

    Take care!
    Lots of love,

  12. I love the creative poses, cool.

    Thank you seeker for coming by and leaving those positive words of encouragement after my mother passed away. It is very much appreciated!!

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