Thursday, 10 April 2008

Today's outift - 04/10

The weather is still cold but less rainy. I’m sick of wearing my turtlenecks; I want to wear my blouses!!! But I’m a much susceptible girl to cold, I’m always complaining at the office with the cold temperature we have there.

I’m very glad because all readers that made comments in my late post asking what are you doing to help Earth, were aware that something must be done, and each one is doing the best you can. Thank you very much. Our Earth will furthermore thank us.

I want to thank you as well for your kind and positive words in my yesterday’s post.
I’m so happy I still am around here, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, being sad, annoying you, but most important living. Because all that is part of life.


purple shoes - Aldo
bordeaux suit - mainland store some time ago
green turtleneck - Zara
handbag – Rafthi
belt - Stradivarius
vintage necklace - gift from hubby (detail)


  1. wow, the color of the suit is very cool!

    oh and in response to your question, the answer is yes! you can vote once every 24 hours so keep voting if you get the chance...

  2. Oh my God! I love your handbag. Please write as soon as you can. I know and understand that you're busy but I miss to hear from u.

    Take care and relax. Weekend is coming...

  3. The necklace is beautiful, cameo's are something special. Can you believe this week is already over, it has gone by in a blur! Have a lovely weekend my dear Seeker....I always enjoy my visits here, your honesty, and your outfits:)

  4. E sabe tão bem um sorriso, não sabe?

    Quanto ao look, gostei, sim senhora! A conjugação de cores funcionou muito bem.


  5. What a nice color combination, as always!
    And like you, I'm also fed up with turtlenecks, I want spring to arrive at last!

    Oh, and about your turning point, I must congratulate you :) I think you are very brave and wise.


  6. Hey, I spot your new bag and shoes! Nice!


  7. Love this outfit and the vintage necklace is amazing!!

    I just read your post from yesterday!
    It must have been really hard, but I'm glad you didn't gave up!

  8. Ooh...starting to see some new things trickle in :) And, there is fab hubby again with cool gifts.

    As for the weather, I am ready for the summer now (forget spring). I got soaked yesterday, and I almost went flying like Mary Poppins with my umbrella because of the high winds :)

  9. I never thought that green and bordeaux go so well together!

  10. Me likey the shoes too! (Gotta agree with Fresh and Fab there. :-) They're gorgeous!

    Mehh, I already caught a cold here somehow but I'm getting over it slowly. Not fun I can tell you...


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