Sunday, 6 April 2008


Modelling… The presentation of DLD – Daniela Lopes Design that was programmed for yesterday didn’t occur. It was advanced for April 26, because this weekend take place another event, a Rally that mobilized many people, so the organization decided to reschedule it.
Therefore this gives me more possibilities to participate in the runway.
I already tried the dress but as I supposed it’s oversized.
Next week I’m going to meet Daniela so we can see what we are going to do.
But I’m so frighten when I think of walking facing that entire people!

The weather is terrible, it’s still cold, despite today the sun made its appearing. Yesterday rained, so I think I will not be able to get ride of my winter clothes so soon.
But I want to get start to wear my spring ones… That’s not fair.

Well, tomorrow I hope I will get going posting my outfits. Let’s hope the weather will help.

Today I take the courage to step to my weighing scale and imagine… My weight is still the same as before I went on vacations. I felt happier.

Take care all of you and have a good working week.


  1. oh wow, tahts good news, well ill love to see pics

    the weather here has been a mess, it snowed heavy this morning and its freezing cold right now. and we are meant tyo be in april

    i hate the scales, i always dread the results, good luck

    hope u had a fantastic weekend, looking forward to ure outfits, hpe the weather is good.

  2. that's good that your weight stayed the same.
    when i moved to australia i gained so much weight i'm still trying to get rid of it!
    I really hope you post pictures if you get to participate!!

  3. wow! superexcited!!! take million pictures and show us your catwalk!!!

    btw: you bought amazing stuff!!!! i love all your clothes!

  4. YOU MUST PARTICIPATE. And share the pictures.

    Hey, so good that your weight stayed the same. I envy u.

    I hope u had a nice weekend

  5. Good luck with your modelling. I hope you will be able to resize the dress with your friend. I hope you will share some pictures with us.

    And congratulations for not gaining any weight during the vacations.

  6. Uma excelente semana também para ti!
    P.S. Adorei toda a maquilhagem que compraste!

  7. Will spring ever get here? Lucky weight gain and vacation..what is your secret?

    Cool blog!

  8. If your weight is up or down--you are still beautiful. A number on a scale cannot change that.

  9. oh that's great to hear that you will probably be participating in the fashion show. I'm also waiting to wear my spring clothes :(

    I loved all of the makeup that you purchased. I'm so proud of you! How are you finding them? Are they suiting your needs?


  10. oh thats a shame... no more outfit pics?X

  11. I'm hoping you'll be in the show. I can't wait to hear all about it. La Belette Rouge is right, weight does not constitute beauty.

  12. Oh it's so annoying when you can't wear your new clothes right away :) I'm like that too, when I get new things I want to wear them straight I hope good Spring weather will arrive your way as soon as possible! Good luck for the runway show, sounds so exciting, and try not to be too nervous, although I know this is easier said than done.


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