Wednesday, 14 May 2008


It is clear that life is good
And happiness, the only indescribable emotion
It is clear that I find you beautiful
In you I praise the love of simple things
It is clear that I love you
And I have everything to be happy

But it happens that I am sad

Vinicius de Moraes


  1. Lovely poem. And, I hope that you, dear Seeker, are not sad. I send a hug and hopes that your will quickly move from antitheses into synthesis.:-)xoxo

  2. Hi seeker,
    a lovely thought for the day! I have linked you ;->

  3. I know how you feel dear seeker. exactly...

    Wishing you feel better soon,

  4. I'll think about as this as I head off to bed *yawn*

  5. oh shocks. that's exactly how i feel these days. =[

  6. Nossa , me lembrei agora da minha adolescência, eu lia e relia esse poema de Vinicius, acho lindo.
    Bjobjo querida;)

  7. Is this author the same as Tomara's? He seems to describe feelings perfectly with such simple sentences, so clear...

    But I hope you aren't sad :)


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