Saturday, 3 May 2008

my husband’s new toy

May, 5 it’s my husband’s Birthday. Yes, he is a Taurus…

Thus I decided to buy him a gift. Hence I thought of a laptop. Well we have one laptop, which I’m always using*, and a PC which is upstairs and that my husband makes use of it.
So I thought it was unfair that I could be comfortably installed using the laptop and he couldn’t.

Now there are 2 laptops here at home. My husband’s new toy is an Acer Aspire 5920 G.
I think he’s happy and can call the new toy “The Precious”.

*I have to confess I was feeling guilty


  1. Sounds like a great gift idea. Quite thoughtful!

  2. I hope he a wonderful b'day xxx

  3. happy bday to him! =]

    i want to buy my hubby a laptop, too. but need to save up a lot. lol.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Husband!

    Nice computer, what a great toy!


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