Thursday, 8 May 2008

Today's Outfit - 05/08

Feeling a bit overwhelmed without time to do what I want.

Today I had to dress a bit formal, but I like it, it’s a change in style (Question to myself: or is still my style?).

When I was dressing I remembered of Katherine Hepburn and Christian Dior’s Spring/Summer 2008 Collection. But I had no time to see if it could be more inspired.

green shoes - mainland store
tawny suit pants - Ana Sousa
black blouse - gift
green belt - Stradivarius
pearls necklace - mainland store

Doing my speech


  1. Very cool outfit, once again such a great colour combination! I am in love with that pearl necklace to, I think the different lengths look great with the outfit :D

  2. Firstly, how'd the speech go? secondly, love'n the John Travolta pose and thirdly, I think you're channelling Katie Hepburn in that fierce suit! xxxx

  3. E como correu? Se foi paralelo com o vestuário, deve ter corrido muito bem!


  4. I like how you are working the floral trend below.

  5. I surely see "Seeker" style in this one--red suit, green shoes, definitely.

  6. Love the suit, pearls and the shoes. Actually, love it all. And, in your speech pose you look as if you are channeling Evita Perrone. ;-)

  7. Such a lovely and unusual color for a suit - I adore it.

  8. You keep on doing the most amazing colour combining, striking red with a hint of green - fab! You have actually been inspiring/influencing me. The other day I wore a mainly black and white outfit, and I teamed it with a bright red necklace and ring, and it worked brilliantly:)

  9. cool's still you.

    I'm so tired but it's friday!!!!

    I've been thinking that I have a lot of things to tell you

  10. Perfect! One thing I've noticed about you is that you can wear every color well!

  11. Very nice! I love your necklace, it is so beautiful!

  12. You have a lot of confidense to wear red!


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