Sunday, 11 May 2008

Today's outfit - 05/11

Cropped pants can be unflattering. Cuff ankle cropped tapered legs pants even more.
But when I saw them in the runway by the hands of Alexander Wang, Etro and Yves Saint Laurent, they call my attention.

Although it isn't the most flattering pant shape (with the tapered leg, crop length and accentuation of the hips), but something about it is very intriguing, so I couldn't do other thing than buy ones during my “shopping season”.
Now let’s see how they look.

hot pink shoes - Aldo
brown fishnets - Calzedonia
beige cropped pants - H&M
hot pink shirt - Mango
brown cardigan - Mango
blue belt and necklace - mainland store
handbag - Raftti

The day was sunny and warm, so I took some pictures outdoors


  1. i LOVE everything etro has come up with for spring and fall. including those pantssss

  2. The pink and blue are dazzling together. And, I LOVE your bag.
    I know that everyone says capris are deadly. But, as I have said before, rules are made to be broken ans you are just the gal to do it.:-)

  3. cool dashes of pink and you rock the pants veryw ell

  4. I love how pink and blue look together. The pictures are lovely and you look really good.

  5. I love the cropped pant look, it's so summer (which it almost is for you) plus it draws ones attention to the shoe...and that's always such a good thing.

    I notice we're doing some 'location' modeling...I like! You always keep me on my toes, I never know what to expect when I bring up your

  6. Fantastic outfit, I love the way you have used that cute pink through it, and those shoes are too amazing to be real!!

  7. Oooh those pants suit you so well - and I adore the pink top and the shoes. One of my favourite looks of yours!

  8. i reallly rally really liek it, one of your best outifts (i mean it)

    its fun, stylish, sexy, screams out FEIRCE, loves it

  9. i love the way you wear these pants

  10. Passei aqui para te desejar um óptimo feriado!


  11. Really liking all that fuschia! I need a bag like that ;-)

  12. I think you pulled it off very well! The pants does not seem to cut your length at all. Cute wedges!

  13. I really like the mix of colors on you.

    You're getting a lot of comments these days! Congratulations!


  14. totally fantastic pants, and i love the look below as well. the stripe vest combo is perfection in my book.


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