Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Today's Outfit - 05/14

Today was a tough one at office. I have so much work to do…
I’m feeling really tired.

A co-worker that makes handmade jewellery was in my cabinet showing some pieces she had made. There were rings, earrings, necklaces...
I fall in love with a necklace, but I thought that I’ve so many necklaces and that that was a bit expensive, so I said goodbye to it.
But she thought of a strategy… she went to my hubby’s place saying I’ve loved that necklace.
Well, since he wanted to bright my day he purchased it and offered me.
I’m a lucky girl, for being with such a great guy.

I wish I could do more outside photos, but I haven’t much time to do it in working days, so I think it would have to wait for weekends.

red shoes - local store
black sheer tights - local store
polka dot black and white skirt - local store
polka dot white and black shirt - Mango
black jacket - don't remember
black belt - Mango
golden bangle - mainland store
brooch - gift from hubby
earrings - gift from hubby
sunglasses - Nine West
lipstick - Guerlain


  1. I love the polka dot on polka dot!

  2. Os sapatos dão um toque de cor fantástico ao look, e as bolinhas ficam, de facto, muito bem combinadas.


  3. It is a chic, chic outfit! Teaming the red shoes brightens the whole outfit up! And as you known, I love love polka dots, and you contrasted it beautifully with your jacket!

  4. Oh you look so cool with the glasses and I love the colorful accents the shoes add to your look.

  5. lovely skirt :)

    xo grayburn

  6. Hey! You're a real and stylish lady! This pictures convinced me again. Keep your styling!

  7. I love the details 'earrings, brooch' but no blurred face?

  8. oh i really love your skirt! and everything is great together!

  9. you look so hot!!!
    thank you very much for your nice comments. i'm vegetarian, too, i just cooked this for my boyfriend who is addicted to seafood (and i hate it :D )

  10. I'm really enjoying these new photos.

    Great skirt, and I love the shoes.

  11. Very nice! The skirt is really cute!

  12. A skirt that's very different for you, you wear it beautifully!


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