Friday, 16 May 2008

Today's Outfit - 05/16

Thanks God it's Friday!!!!

The always elegant Times of Glory with this post reminded me the feminine/masculine trend so well showed in Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, and some others designers’ Spring/Summer 2008 collections.
Thus I decided to wear my new vest I bought at H&M in my trip to mainland, despite it was in the usual slick style.
I hope you'll have a wonderful weekend!!!

black to gray shoes - local store
blue pants - Ana Sousa
navy blue blazer - mainland store some years ago
gray vest - H&M
pink blouse - 3 Suisses some years ago
black and white scarf - Bershka
pink wrist watch - gift from hubby
sunglasses - Nine West
lipstick - L'Oreal


  1. im loving the pink blouse loads! =]
    hope your okay! xx

  2. A little Ralph Lauren a little Annie Hall...equals tres chic!

  3. Nice, nice. I love the pink blouse and the navy blazer...I love blazers.

    Take care and rest. And as you said, thank god it's friday.

  4. Big hug to your very chic self. I am sensign that you could use one. And, Seeker, you are, as always, fabulous.

  5. yuhuuu...

    but i cant help staring at that lovely scandinavian drawer....
    such a beauty....

    nice outfits...

  6. Love how you're wearing the vest!

  7. the vest is great!
    i relly like it with the pink blouse :)
    Great outfit!


  8. Love the pink blouse with the grey vest!

  9. Ficas muito bem de colete!


  10. Thank you so much for such sweet comments all the time and mentioning me in your blog! You always make my day!

    I have to say that you really worked this vest in a great and your own style! The pink blouse and grey vest combined beautifully! Teaming with blue pants is just so individual and very cool! What I like most is that you are always able to mix colour in a wearable way! The little neckscarf and jacket make the whole look together and very chic!

    Your look rocks! Love this post!

  11. I love the idea of pairing the pants with your vest - it looks amazing!

  12. Adorei as fotos, vc está super bem, mas senti falta de um sorriso...

  13. thanks for checking out my blog! i would love to exchange links, i will add you pronto :)

  14. You look very stylish!! I'm a big fan of vests!!! This outfit is great!


  15. i really like the blue pants and the pink shirt, really goes well together

  16. what a great necklace! i'm jealous! nice outfit!

  17. I have that vest too! It's a great piece, you look nice in it. Love the pink wristwatch!

  18. The blue pants are really nice!

  19. Oh I want your whole outfit especially the blue pants they are amazing!!

  20. SO chic!
    This looks very American meets Parisian to me (in a good way, of course)


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